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Sanitization and disinfection weren’t a major concern for a lot of people a year ago. Today, these two words play a significant role in all our lives.

In the scramble to develop effective solutions, much of the public hasn’t been applying these two methods as effectively as they could be.

Taking the time to learn how to sanitize and disinfect properly is key to making them part of an effective COVID-19 response.

Sanitizers vs. Disinfectants

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The key to understanding how to use hand sanitizers and disinfectants properly is to understand the difference between them.

These two products are very different and are meant for different uses. Many people believe them to be interchangeable, but they’re not.

Disinfectants are a class of cleaning product meant for surfaces. They wipe out the buildup of germs on the objects people handle.

Sanitizers are meant for the skin. They’re typically made of either peroxides or alcohols.

Proper Disinfecting

Now that the difference has been established, what’s the right way to use a disinfectant?

These cleaners are best used on frequently touched surfaces. Doorknobs, keyboards, countertops, anything that’s touched often. These surfaces need to be wiped down and left to sit.

Disinfectants all have their own dwell time. This is the time it takes for the disinfectant to kill germs effectively. Spraying and wiping right after reduces the effectiveness, allowing germs to live on and multiply.

Disinfect Regularly

Once the disinfectant on a surface has dried, its germicidal effects diminish, and eventually, new germs start to buildup.

Disinfecting high-traffic surfaces regularly is the only way to keep up. This is why any establishments open during the pandemic must have rigorous disinfecting schedules. Around the home, at least once a day is a good benchmark for how often to disinfect.

In public, many more factors go into deciding on the frequency, like the length of contact and total traffic.

Choose the Right Hand Sanitizers and Disinfectants

There are countless hand sanitizers and disinfectants on the market today. While a few tried and true sanitizers and disinfectants are generally considered adequate, new products need to be verified.

There are many lists of accepted sanitizers and effective disinfectants you can view online. Ultimately, it comes down to safety and effectiveness. You don’t want to anything that’s environmentally dangerous or which isn’t going to work.

Find out Black Friday deals, stock up on hand sanitizers and disinfectants at Keeping your home or workplace safe through regular sanitization and disinfecting starts with being informed. These tips can form the foundation of an effective sanitization routine. Ensuring that effective sanitizer products are used, targeting high-traffic areas, and allowing disinfectants the time they need to work are all necessary steps. By diligently applying these steps, you can help keep yourself and those around you safe.

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