Lierre Anniversary Sale on all health and wellness products in Canada

July 18 marks Lierre’s 11th anniversary! In tribute to all of our customers who’ve kept us going over the past decade, we’re discounting up to 25% off on select gua sha and reflexology tools.

See July 2019 discounts on gua sha items like Thera Crystals rose quartz rosebud eye treatment, rose quartz gua sha heart-shaped items, jade yin yang gua sha, 7” copper gua sha scraping massage tool, angled gua sha or trigger pointer, and a deep tissue gua sha.

Rose Quartz Gua Sha (S shape) - Thera Crystals for facial massage - Canada


Gua sha is used by celebrities, athletes, and people all over the world seeking ways to heal, recover, and relax from various conditions. Recently, Kaley Cuoco from CBS’ Big Bang Theory admitted using cupping and gua sha therapy to help her maintain peak health. This July, there’s only one place in Canada to get the best prices on gua sha items – that’s

Gua Sha Face Massage - Canada


What is gua sha? For those that don’t know, it’s an ancient Chinese technique involving a treatment of vigorous yet gentle scraping on the skin. When done right, it can relieve muscle and joint pain, improve the immune system, and reduce inflammation overall in the body. For the Canada-only Lierre anniversary sale, we thought it important to give our customers a bit of a break. For a limited time, get your gua sha tools on discount and save potentially $100s as a practitioner or someone who wants to perform it themselves at home.

Lately, gua sha has been getting a lot of press on Instagram and in publications like Women’s Health Magazine. That has everything to do with how effective it is as a holistic beauty tool. Applied across the face in particular, gua sha has been compared to giving yourself a facial without using chemicals, toxins, or buying expensive face peel-off masks. On gua sha therapy discount, you can own one of these simple tools. Whether it’s used on the face or elsewhere on the body, the benefits are very real.

Yin Yang Gua Sha tools for Facial Massage tools - Canada


Choose your favourite gua sha tool material, be it rose quartz, jade, copper, horn, or medical grade stainless steel. These are very friendly materials to the skin, which won’t irritate the skin like dyed acrylic and other materials can. Lierre gua sha discount allows you the opportunity to purchase your favourites on a budget. Sculpt, de-puff, and firm the skin, while removing the toxicity which could be blocking you from being your glowing everyday self. Gua sha will also remove dead skin cells, eliminate built-up tension, and clear out stagnation in the areas it’s used.

This July, jump on board with Lierre for a 25% off anniversary sale. Gua sha practitioners, professionals, and health and beauty enthusiasts are welcome!

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