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Holiday season is coming sooner than we think! Something, we lack of inspiration for Holiday gift to offer the your loved one. We want to please everyone while offering original gift without spending too much for it. At, we got your back! Here is an ultimate holiday gift guide 2019 to inspire you. Psssst! We give you discounts for gift sets we prepared for you. Less stress. More saving. 

1. Thera Crystal™ Rose Quartz Gua Sha collection

Rose quartz is known as the love stone. In crystal healing therapy, it is used for emotional stability and harmony in relationships. This set includes rose quartz crystal facial roller and gua sha tools. These beauty tools are increasing in popularity in the skincare and beauty community. Facial roller is used to massage the skin and to help to penetrate hydrating cream. On the side of gua sha, this tool can be used both for face and body massage. This massage tool can help you to increase blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. This set is perfect to learn about the self-healing properties of crystal while elevating daily beauty routine. Offer this set to someone who need to take care of themselves.

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2. Konjac Sponge & Beauty Mist Set

In 2019, people are opting for more natural products that will not harm their health or their skin. Skincare products with tons of parabens and chemicals are known to damage your skin and don't give the hydration needed. We offer this set 100% natural that will clean and hydrate your skin to give the most flawless look to the skin it is applied on! This holiday gift idea set includes a konjac sponge made of natural fibers and an organic rose floral water. The konjac sponge is made of konjac root vegetable to gently exfoliate pores, balance the pH level of the skin, and remove dead skin cells. Moreover, the floral mist will regenerate and firm the skin. Marketed as an anti-aging beauty tonic, this floral spray had a light and delicate scent. This set is perfect to offer to someone who has sensitive skin and seeks a natural way to avoid breakouts during holiday 2019.

3. Spiky Massager Set

Sometimes, it can be hard to recover from an injuries or muscle tension all by ourselves. The spiky massager set is perfect for massage after a hard workout or as a warm up tool. The massage given by these tools will relax your muscle after a stressful day. Offer this holiday gift to yourself or your loved one after spending the holiday eating heavy meals. This gift idea set includes a spiky massage ball, a spiky massage roller stick, and a spike massager. These tools can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite by stimulating blood circulation and relieving muscular tensions. Convenient, portable, and affordable, this gift idea is the perfect gift to offer to someone who wants to train like a beast or massage themselves to relieve pain.  

4. Thera Crystals™ Skincare: rose quartz facial roller, rosehip organic beauty oil

Rosehip organic beauty oil combined with rose quart facial roller give an added value to anyone who incorporate these tools in their routine facial care. Rosehip beauty oil will provide deep moisture to the skin, and the crystal facial roller will help to make penetrate the product into the skin. With this holiday gift set, there are many benefits that come along with. These benefits include

  • Hydrated Skin
  • Increased lymphatic draining
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Reduced puffiness in the face and under eyes
  • Helped with skin regeneration
  • Helped combat acne

What are you waiting for? Offer a beautiful facial glow to yourself or a friend during holiday celebration with this amazing holiday skincare set. 

Holiday gift idea in Canada is synonym of being thankful to the people you cherish. If you are looking for original gift at affordable price, shop your holiday wish list at We offer free shipping for order above $69. 

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