All the Best Deals From the Lierre Anniversary Sale 2020

We’re always thrilled when our anniversary is coming up ! Especially this year, we believe that you will appreciate, just like we do, one of the biggest sales of the year on There are two main reasons for this.  First of all, it is very important for us to let our customers know how much gratitude we have for their continuous support of the last twelve years.  A big thank you to all of you that helped us become what we are today !


The second reason is because the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a lot from Canadians.  In these trying times, we at want to help out our customers as much as we can. We’ve decided to give households a bit of a break on key Lierre products, slashing prices by 15-30%.

Cupping is the place to come for all your cupping needs. Browse silicone cups, plastic cups, glass cups, silicone cupping sets, anti-cellulite cupping sets, facial cupping, and more. For those searching for a new way to relax the muscles and stimulate healing, know that cupping works. Try yours. You deserve to feel good in your body. 

Gua Sha Tools

Gua sha practitioners use a gentle scraping motion with selective tools to create a healing response in the body. Its action on designed areas locally increases the circulation of blood and energy. It can help with muscle pain, muscle tension and chronic pain. Selecting the right jade stone or other type of crystal, learn gua sha techniques that can be easily practiced in strategic body regions at home or at a professional clinic. 

Acupuncture Needles

See Acu Relaxo, acupuncture needles, and ShinLin. The top brands in acupuncture needles. Buy them in bulk, stock up your clinic, and don’t worry about having to replenish in the months ahead. Whatever the future holds, stainless steel needles remain a safe bet in your practice. 

Secret Strips

Secret Strips get natural moisture directly into your skin using hyaluronic acid and a patented net design. It’s all about hydration. Here’s a facial treatment that strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier favoring a healthy appearance. That’s how Secret Strips get away wrinkles and lines and dynamically rejuvenates your skin in a risk-free way. Self-care is the way to feeling good !

Medical Supplies

Most of’s clients are medical offices, clinics, and healthcare practitioners. From accessories like kinesiology tape to disposable covers, pillowcases, and more, our goal is to provide you with the best products and fairest prices. Stock up on hygienic healthcare clinic supplies this July and better focus on your work in the months ahead. 

Booster Massage Gun

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts love visiting for physiotherapy and recovery supplies. Our Booster massage gun uses percussion therapy to warm muscles, relieve tension, reduce aches and pain, and stimulate healing. A great way to increase blood circulation. A good warmer and recovery session that never came so easy !

Personal Protective Equipment

Disposable face masks, antibacterial gel, alcohol-containing hand sanitizers, disinfectant, and more. Your COVID-19 essentials are easily found at You have no reason to shop anywhere else. Protecting yourself is protecting all of us. Help us get these products out to you and other households who could use them to create safe environments.

Therapeutic Magnets

Magnet therapy is a type of therapy that uses magnets implants into bracelets, rings, selective clothing, shoe inserts, and more to alleviate pain and address other healthcare concerns. A growing segment of the alternative medicine category, Lierre has several therapeutic magnet products ready to ship.

Organic Essential Oils

Have you always wanted to have your home smell calm, peaceful, and serene. 

So then, browse Divine Essence organic oils – it will be like having your own spa ready to go whenever you need it. Essential oils can be used for sleep, focus, and a wide array of health benefits. From muscular, nervous, respiratory, digestive to cutaneous and circulatory, essential oils have been used for centuries to the well-being of all. Visit us and, with, find your favourites. We are happy to feature Divine Essence, a Canadian company creating products for better living.  Start your divine experience now !

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