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Silicone cupping can be used on the body or face. It is an easy way to stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, and ultimately massage away the stress that our muscle tissue can hold deep inside.

Understanding what it is, the benefits of cupping on the body and/or face, and how to apply silicone cupping at home, it’s no wonder that sets are so popular among athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and influencers.

Doesn’t Cupping Give You Bruises?

Google cupping therapy or silicone cupping and what’s the first thing you see – round, purple bruises on a Hollywood celebrity or Olympic-level athlete. These can be an immediate turn-off, however, they aren’t representative of cupping as a whole – especially facial cupping. Appropriate facial cupping is gentle, will never bruise, and provides the same amazing results.

How Can I Use a Silicone Cupping Set?

Cupping is thousands of years old, a form of traditional Chinese medicine. The use of silicone cupping sets has made cupping easy to do from anywhere. How the cups work is by creating suction. The skin is suctioned away from the body, stimulating the flow of blood. This is most commonly done on the back and legs as a way to address inflammation, help with fatigued muscles, and deal with aches.


What About Facial Cupping?

Facial cupping works in a lot of similar ways. Using a silicone facial cupping set, you increase circulation to the facial muscles. This helps to move out stagnant blood and toxins, and get in newer blood.

Facial cupping uses smaller, softer silicone cups which can also be applied on the neck and jawline. Regular use decreases puffiness, encourages collagen production, tackles fine lines and wrinkles, and keeps skin looking firm.

What’s the Difference Between Facial and Body Cupping?

Body silicone cupping sets use slightly larger cups. They also often sit still in an area for a longer period of time compared to facial cups which move upward and are rarely left to sit minutes in a location.



If you’re looking for facial cupping or silicone cups for cellulite, the cups can be purchased individually or in sets. Because they are soft in silicone, they are easy to create suction with. Applying them at home is easy as long as you have access to the body part. For example, performing cupping on your back may be challenging without a friend to put the cups in place.

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