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The best massage gun in Canada, as analyzed by user reviews, is the Booster massage gun. Release tight muscles, recover from workouts, and give your body the chance to relax and recuperate ahead of your next game-changing fitness hour.

For a limited-time only, the Booster massage gun is one of several flash sale deals included in Lierre’s Anniversary Sale this July. Score this optimum massage gun at a 20% discount! Whether you’re working out at home or are hitting up your local gym this summer, maximizing your recovery’s always a goal. Now you can save money while doing it.


What Can A Booster Massage Gun Do?

A Booster massage gun targets musculoskeletal healing. Also known as a type of percussive massage, it helps to warm up and release tight muscles, can break up scar tissue, and is applicable to both post-workout and pre-workout routines.

More athletes are starting to use the Booster before a workout, just like they would after. Beforehand, it helps to get the body ready for the stress you’re about to put onto it. For weightlifting or tackling long endurance running, this can help to get circulation going and prepare the body for the activity ahead.

Most People Buy Percussive Massagers Without Knowing How to Use Them

The unfortunate truth is a lot of people buy the Booster massage gun without the correct knowledge on how to use it.

  • For pre-workout warm-ups, float the gun up the muscle area for 15 seconds. As you’re relying on your body to perform athletically afterward, you don’t want to put the muscle into ‘relaxation mode’. A quick 15-seconds up the muscle is enough to stimulate blood flow and get your body warmed up for what’s ahead.
  • For pre-workout and post-workout use, do not dig it in. It can be tempting but you can bruise yourself by going beyond the surface of the muscle belly. It takes a gentle, skilled approach to get the most from your massage gun.

Why the Booster Massage Gun?

Booster has a high-quality design, excellent battery life, and varying intensity levels ensuring a user’s able to make modifications to their massage gun routine. The Booster is used in physiotherapy, by top-performance athletes, and by routine gym-goers.

When you shop a Booster massage gun in Canada with, it comes with multiple attachments to help you facilitate the massage you want. Attack large muscle groups or go across smaller ones. The Booster is one of the quieter models out there as well which is not the usual.

From July 20th to July 26th, Lierre’s Anniversary Sale has the Booster massage gun discounted. An affordable purchase for your workout, try it and see the difference. For everyday use, it’s a very versatile tool and one that you’ll find it hard putting down. Visit today.

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