Get Stocked Up on Acupuncture Needles for Lierre’s 12th Anniversary Sale

Acupuncture practitioners don’t need to be sold or told the benefits of acupuncture. With Canada’s province-by-province reopening, what is needed now is access to inventory, opportunity and permission to practice.

While acupuncture clinics aren’t yet fully open nationwide, some are. The one thing every acupuncture clinic has in common is the need for needles. As stead and experienced as a practitioner may be, weak acupuncture needles mean bad business. knows this, which is why we’ve always prioritized connecting with reliable, quality-committed suppliers of acupuncture needles. Anything bought and sold in the marketplace has been vetted by us as quality-made.

This summer, there’s no better place to shop for acupuncture needles in Canada than us.  Starting July 20th until July 26th,  it’s the Lierre’s Anniversary Sale. Celebrating twelve years in business, we’re discounting a wide variety of products. And, acupuncture needles are on the list!

Find high-quality acupuncture needles and stock up. As a health practitioner, it’s your duty to ensure your service is delivered as promised. No one wants low-quality needles. If you haven’t purchased acupuncture needles in some time or if your supplier is low, visit

We’ve already supplied hundreds of clinics in Canada, in all ten provinces. Acupuncturists from coast to coast are relying on our needles to provide them the experience they desire.

For newcomers to acupuncture, reassure them of a painless process with Lierre’s ultra-fine, sterilized needles.

Acupuncture is used by Canadians of all backgrounds. They use these needles arranged in formation to release blockages, correct imbalances, and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal.

For some, they say the difference in an acupuncture session is like night and day. For those struggling through the pandemic without access to acupuncture, now’s the time to give them something back. High-quality acupuncture by a skilled hand is a service to our communities. While patients rely on you and your experience, know that you can rely on us to deliver quality acupuncture needles.

Start offering regular treatments again. Build your patient list. Manage community conditions, providing accessible healthcare treatment by the quality of a fine sterilized acupuncture needle. We are fulfilling orders every day. July’s Anniversary Sale won’t roll around again until next year. If you intend to practice in the following 12 months, now’s the time. Visit for more information and access to acupuncture supplies.

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