This Father’s Day, Gift your Dad Something to Benefit his Health and Wellness

Father’s Day is approaching fast and with it comes the need to buy him a gift he’ll remember. Looking for a Father’s Day gift guide focused on health and wellness? You’ve found it with Here are some of the most recommended gift ideas for this Sunday’s occasion.

Jade soft silicone cupping standard

Does your Dad struggle with muscle or joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, blood circulation issues, or fibromyalgia – get him this pain-relieving jade silicone cupping standard. This medical-grade silicone can be used whenever and wherever to help the body heal as any pain is mitigated.

This Father’s Day, Gift your Dad Something to Benefit his Health and Wellness

4-element magnetic therapy bracelet

Magnetic therapy has been shown to increase the strength of a wearer’s circulatory system, improve blood pressure and enzyme activity, and to increase immunity function. This 4-elements magnetic therapy bracelet treats pain, stress, and fatigue, and is made from silver and gold, dressed with far infrared in red, germanium in black, negative ions in white, and magnet in silver.

Fitness massage ball

Simple yet effective, a massage ball is great for any Dad who arrives home after work struggling to find relief from muscle knots, tension, and sore painful areas. He can lean on the ball using his own weight and gravity to provide himself with a massage. Use it on the floor, in bed, sitting in a chair, or at the office.

Father's day gift

Remedy #7 headaches organic essence

Does your Dad suffer from a lot of heaaches? A Remedy #7 organic headache aromatherapy treatment has shown promise at relieving migraines and tension headaches. Apply uniformly to the affected area – usually the forehead or temples – up to 3 times a day.

Basd coffee body scrub

Do you think your Dad’s ever thought about using coffee as a body scrub? Believe it or not, you can with this Basd coffee-based body scrub. Reduce wrinkles and puffiness in the face, encourage circulation, and wash away dead skin cells.

This Father’s Day, Gift your Dad Something to Benefit his Health and Wellness

Basd body wash

Basd body wash may be a Father’s Day gift idea that’s a little personal. That said, this all-natural product is packed with aloe vera juice, an antioxidant powerhouse that’ll moisturized and treat sensitive skin right. Self-care isn’t just for women! Firm skin, minimize the appearance of sun damage, and reduce fine lines with this mint body lotion.


Tie Guanyin tea

Tie Guanyin tea is a great cup of tea to remedy digestive problems, boost energy through its polyphenols, to help with long-term weight loss goals, and is naturally sweetened. Also rich in antioxidants, you won’t find a tea like this anywhere in store. Get this Chinese oolong tea for Father’s Day and the benefits after a single cup can be in the multiples.

These are just some Father’s Day gifts you can find from We carry hundreds of natural, organic health and wellness products that can provide any Dad with a spa experience or self-care assistance he doesn’t have to pay for.

Father's day gift

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