ErgoPillow™ Ergonomic Support For Your Cervical Spine & Head

When you’re waking up most mornings with a headache or with more back pain than you had before going to bed, you know it’s time to switch out your pillow. An appropriate pillow good for sleeping plays an essential part of daily life. Sound sleep brings you energy as well as a good mood after getting up in the mornings. If you are suffering from low-quality sleep, what you need is an ergonomically designed memory foam pillow for neck support. 

The neck and spine connect to the back to the head. If you aren’t supporting your neck, you’re not supporting your back and head either. On top of that, there are several pain points on the neck and back which have pressure put on them by cheap pillows. Every night, that’s a lot of unnecessary stress put on the body and in a dangerous place. The best pillow for your spine and neck, to reduce headaches and back pain, is a memory foam pillow. Here’s why.

Minimizing Headaches and Back Pain – Best Position With Ergonomic Pillow

For years, we used soft feather pillows. They were ok for their time. These days, memory foam has demonstrated significantly more benefit to their use than conventional pillows have. The shape of ErgoPillow is able to comfortably prevent your head from falling to the side, keeping your spine aligned properly under the support of the pillow. Using an ergonomic neck support pillow, you will notice several positive changes in your sleep pattern. Quality of sleep improves, management of medical issues relating to pain or other chronic conditions may improve, and chronic neck and back pain is highly likely to reduce.

A memory foam pillow contours to the body. It adjusts and manipulates itself to form to the areas where a pillow wouldn’t traditionally support. If you are used to waking up with a sore neck, get ready to say goodbye to that feeling. The memory foam pillow gets into all the right places on your neck, soft yet firm. It makes it so that your body’s natural position is easily maintained, reducing stress you may not even be aware you’re putting on the body.

Headaches can come from many sources, including poor positioning of the head and neck during sleep. The pain from the neck has a tremendous effect on the head.  More physicians treating chronic headaches and migraines are recommending ergonomic support pillows as a means of treatment and as a preventative. In a lot of patients, results have been promising. If you want to cut down on pain and headaches, you’ve got to address the source. If it’s coming from a cheap, old, ineffective pillow, that’s an easy replacement.

So what’s the best pillow? There are a lot of different brands and types of ergonomic memory foam pillow. The one we recommend above all others is the ErgoPillow. Why we recommend ErgoPillow is because it was designed specifically to align the spine. Suiting all shape and body sizes, the design of this ergonomic pillow’s going to work wonders at supporting the neck during sleep while retaining the natural curvature of your spine in this area. ErgoPillow from is made of luxury grade memory foam and is CertiPUR-US certified, which point that it is free of harmful chemicals and is hypoallergenic. It is good for skin and people are unlikely to feel uncomfortable about the surface material of the pillow. 

Imagine resolving chronic head and back issues simply by switching out your cheap pillow for something a little newer and with a little more intelligent of a design. If you’re suffering from headaches and back pain, switch up your pillow and let us know if there’s a difference. Shop ErgoPillow today at

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