The 5 Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Rooms

For large rooms, you may find a standard essential oil diffuser doesn’t live up to illuminating the entirety of the space. This unfortunately is common. Low quality, cheap models are small and meant for small rooms.

For the aromatherapy you need spread to every corner of the room, choose a reliable essential oil diffuser that’s built well and which isn’t cheap. These are Canada’s best essential oil diffusers for large rooms.

LED wood grain diffuser

This aromatherapy diffuser for a living room is wildly popular for its LED light, its wood grain appearance, and its effectiveness as a full-room essential oil solution. More quiet than the average diffuser, you’ll have an aroma circulated through the entire room. The tank is large, equipped for a good sized family room. You’ll also be able to use it as a gentle light!

Aladdin’s lamp diffuser

Aladdin’s lamp diffuser gets its name from the shape it inhibits. It’s an elegant addition to any home, is simple to use and clean, and will work to purify the air while eliminating bacteria occupying your room. Utilize this diffuser to its full potential and have the desired scent evenly distributed throughout the room.

What are the benefits of a diffuser?

Magic Circle ultrasonic aroma diffuser

The Magic Circle is perfect for any ultrasonic aromatherapy, helping you to purify the air, create romance or fun, get rid of unwanted smells, enhance sleep and relaxation, and can even solve some respiratory issues or cold symptoms. Adjust your settings and set it up in your largest room. Once the tank’s empty, take a walk around the room and see how you feel. Did it work – we promise it will!

400 ml essential oil diffuser ultrasonic humidifier

This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is admittedly on the small side but it does the trick. You’ll have no trouble filling the room with your favourite essential oil. Make it pleasant no matter where you are set up in your room. Instant therapy through diffusers and humidifiers like this can help heal chronic joint pain, anxiety and stress, and even broken hearts.

Wood grain vase diffuser

Wood Grain Vase Diffuser

This wood grain vase diffuser is another high quality ultrasonic diffuser worth a try. If you aren’t convinced an essential oil diffuser can make a diffuser, this not only will do the trick in selling someone on it but it also looks great. You can make it a part of your home aesthetic with ease and it won’t look out of place. For a large room, this wood grain vase diffuser will keep going, going, and going, filling the entire space with your best essential oil.

A diffuser can help a lot of ailments, from insomnia to anxiety. You may be skeptical but after plugging in your device for the first time, you’ll be shocked by how well it works. Put in your favourite essential oil, run it down, and notice the difference yourself. Get your ultrasonic diffuser from

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