5 ways to integrate coconut oil into your beauty regimen

Coconut oil is so trendy these days! Rich and oh-so-versatile, it’s been hailed as a superfood and celebrated for its great effect on the body: it’s been proven to help damaged hair and moisturize dry skin more than mineral oil. We’ve compiled this quick list to showcase some of its most popular uses!

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Though pure coconut oil makes a fantastic massage oil on its own, companies such as Bon Vital’ have started selling an increasing number of gels and lotions with coconut oil as a main ingredient. It’s no wonder: coconut oil has so many benefits for the skin! It can also make a great carrier oil, and it’s the perfect base for a homemade scented massage oil.


Scrubs are so simple to make yourself, you might never buy one again! Scrubs require three main types of ingredients: a base liquid or lotion, such as coconut oil, an exfoliant to clean your pores, such as sugar or salt crystals, and some form of scent or ingredients that are good for your skin, such as essential oils or herbs. You probably already have many of these ingredients lying around in your home already! Easy as pie, right?

Hair treatment

Oils naturally and deeply condition your hair: after all, your scalp already produces oils, and shampoo and dyes strip it down. To restore your hair’s bounce and glow, then, products like coconut oil can work miracles - and best of all, they’re paraben free! For a leave-in conditioning treatment, take a teaspoon of coconut oil in your hand, warming it, and work it into your hair from your scalp to the tips of your hair. Repeat this process until your hair is completely covered, then leave in for up to an hour. You may want to put a bathing cap on to avoid staining your clothing! Rinse thoroughly, and don’t add any conditioner or shampoo. Your hair should look much fuller.


Coconut oil is an intense moisturizer, and can rejuvenate your skin, leaving it radiant and soft. Consider doing a spot check first by applying a little bit of it to your wrists or your hands before using any on your face. We even use coconut oil as a hand moisturizer - it makes your skin glow, and your nails look healthy and glossy. Before using the oil, exfoliate your skin: we love our skin brushes, but you may already have your own favourite exfoliant. Apply coconut oil to the driest areas of your skin first, like your elbows, temples, or lips, and under your eyes to reduce bags and dark circles.You’ll only need an amount about the size of the top of your little finger. The oil should absorb into your skin within the next few minutes; wipe off the excess otherwise, but don’t wash it off. If you like the way the oil makes your skin feel, then, consider using it on your whole face: an amount the size of a quarter should do the trick. This leads us to our next use for coconut oil...

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Oil cleanse

If you’ve already spot tested coconut oil and loved it, you might want to try oil cleanses! Oil naturally and gently dissolves the oil already on your face, make-up, dirt, and almost anything you’ll want to get rid of. Simply put the oil on your face, and gently massage it (our skin brushes work wonders for this purpose!), dislodging dead skin cells and other unwanted residues. Afterwards, either wipe your face with a soft cloth, or use another cleanser to remove the oil. Though for some oil cleanses actually reduce acne, it can cause others to break out if the oil in question doesn’t react well to their skin type. If you still want to try coconut oil, but have very acne prone skin, consider blending it with mineral oil, which is non-comedogenic, and spot-test the oil before you use it. For a more complete guide to oil cleanses, consult the Skin Care Addiction subreddit’s excellent guide on oil cleanses.


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