Comfort Deluxe Fleece Sheet Set from Lierre Canada
The Comfort fleece sheet set is designed for  softness, warmth, durability and comfort. This deluxe fleece cover set is twice thickness of  standard fleece. It includes a fitted fleece crescent cover and fitted table  cover.
  • It has elastic stitched all around the edge for a snug fit and fits tables up to 33" wide.
  • It will keep your clients warm in the winter.
  • Synthetic(90% polyestor and 10% Arcrylic).
  • Available color: White.

Comfort deluxe fleece sheets

Sheet  Dimension: Fitted table cover:36" x 78"  Lierreoffers an excellent selection of affordable, durable and comfortable massage table sheets, as well as pillowcases and covers for your accessories. These sheets, linens and pillowcases are indispensible, protecting your trusted equipment and providing an added degree of comfort to your clients. Our massage table sheets are available in a range of fun and elegant colours, and will match any décor! We carry soft, warm flannel; heavy duty jersey and luxurious, breathable percale massage table sheets - we have you covered, whether you prefer cotton or polyester. The right massage supplies can make a huge difference in your practice, complementing your therapeutic approach and helping you give those little personal touches that can makes a treatment truly memorable. You’ll find a little bit of everything in our catalogue, including massage stools and massage chairs; massage gels, balms, oils and lotions; cleaning products, bottles and accessories; massagers; massage linens, sheets and pillowcases, and a wide range of bolsters in all different shapes and colours. These supplies can help you treat many different types of clients, and can even be integrated into your daily routine for self-care!
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