Earthlite Folding Massage Stool from Lierre Canada
Stable, discreet, and available in a range of colours, Earthlite’s folding massage stools match their tables perfectly – both in style and in quality! These stools fold flat and weigh only five pounds, making them easy to carry. Their silky upholstery and soft foam are incredibly comfortable. Earthlite Folding Massage Stool from Lierre Canada Highly portable and versatile, massage chairs are a great option for many different types of practitioners and workers. Equally adapted to massotherapists and tattoo artists, these comfortable massage chairs have lightweight frames, and they’re easy to clean. Who takes care of your back when you're working? Lierre's charming selection of stools come in a range of colours, matching our massage tables to perfection. Our practical folding stool, for example, is easy to bring with you to appointments, while our classic round swivel stool allows for a wide range of comfortable movements. Lierre's saddle massage stools are designed to give you comfortable, all-day support. With their innovative design, they keep your back straight and your shoulders aligned while you're working, preventing long term lower back pain and muscle aches. We also carry affordable simple stools for budget-conscious practitioners.
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