Everything You Need to Know About Massage Table Linens

The best linens for your massage therapy business may not seem obvious. Several types exist.

Your massage table sheets have a fundamental role to play in the overall customer experience. Choosing low-quality massage sheets or not giving a lot of attention to the decision might be disappointing in the eyes of a customer.

How do you want to make a first impression – ask yourself this question. A client enters the room and spreads out on your massage table. The first thing they notice pressed against their skin is the sheet. Here’s everything you need to know about massage table linens.

Cost v. Quality

Cost matters. So does quality. Finding the sweet spot in between both is what most massage therapists want. You can still prioritize quality over cost through Lierre.ca and keep it affordable. Linens, pillowcases, and sheets are all available for orders online.

Weight v. Thread Count

Thread count is the ultimate gauge of how quality-made any given linen is. A higher thread count, the more durable a sheet will be. There are pros and cons to a high thread count though. As a massage therapist, a higher thread count comes at a higher cost. Something like the “Cotton Flannel Sheet for Massage Table 3-piece Set” does not need a high thread count and saves cost on similar massage sheets.

Cotton Flannel Sheet Set 3pcs for Massage Table


How Often You Use Massage Sheets

A high frequency of clients may mean having to wash massage sheets more often. The quality of the linen is important in this matter as repeated washings can break down the fibers of low-cost massage sheets.

Cotton Massage Table Linens

Cotton is soft on the skin and cool to the touch. It’s a favourite in the world of massage therapy. Unfortunately, a lot of cheaper cotton tends to wear out very quickly. Ensure you have a high-quality cotton on your hands that you can keep cleaned and sanitized.

Cotton-Polyester Massage Table Sheets

Cotton-polyester is not as soft as purely cotton and can feel rough on the skin. Once again, if you consider a cotton-polyester massage table sheet, always go with a high-quality variety. You want it durable enough to withstand multiple washings without losing any of its feel.

Cotton-Poly Massage Table Sheet Se

Cotton Flannel Massage Table Linens

One of the most cost-effective massage table linens are those made from cotton flannel. They stay warm through winter and comfortable in summer. They aren’t measured by thread count but instead, by weight. A fabric weight of 5-6 ounces is where high-quality flannel sheets begin. The heavier the linens, the better the quality and the higher the cost. Their feel is nothing short of plush.

Disposable Massage Table Sheets

Disposable massage table sheets also exist. How they feel is paramount. Try these first. Certainly, disposables work very well for massage therapists who aren’t interested in constantly washing their massage linens or who do not have access to an adequate washing machine.

Quality matters. Get the best massage table linens in Canada from Lierre.ca. Find eco-friendly, affordable solutions for your massage therapy practice today.

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