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We don’t always think about it, but the countless number of massage tables accessories have made them nearly endlessly modifiable. They’re all the more useful because they allow you to accommodate a range of different types of clients, without having to run off and buy a new massage table every time!

Massage Table Extensions

A simple add-on that will fit on almost any model, table extensions add a few inches of length to your massage table: a welcome addition for taller customers! If your practice has a lot of athletes among its clientele, especially basketball players, this extension can prove itself invaluable. The average length of a massage table is around 70 to 75 inches, or 5’8” to 6’3”. Though this length will accommodate most people, it may be a squeeze for exceptionally tall individuals, or even slightly small for taller people than average.

This is especially true if your treatments are very physically involved, or if you’re working on these people’s legs. Side Arm Rests Though traditional armrests will suffice for clients who only need their backs to be treated, they do not provide any comfort when clients have to face upwards. This accessory will add a few invaluable inches to the side of the table, allowing wider shouldered clients to rest their arms almost no matter how they are positioned.

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Massage Table Warmers during those chilly winter months, your clients might be cold before they even walk into your office, and if so, they’ll almost certainly still be cold when they lay down on the table. Not just uncomfortable, being cold makes your body tense, and your muscles stiff, making treatments initially both less effective and comfortable. Then – ah, the relief heat can bring! Having a massage table warmer handy can make treatments so much more comfortable, helping muscles loosen up and keeping the body relaxed before treatments even start. With their adjustable settings, it’s easy to slowly ramp up the heat, or to tone it down if it becomes too intense.

Pregnancy Cushions

Despite its name, these sets of cushion aren’t just useful for pregnant clients! They can help any client that has a hard time lying down on their stomach without support. Though some tables are sold with indents on the table itself, these models are generally impractical, since they do not provide individuals with support when lying down on their backs, and they’re not as versatile as a regular table. As we all known, when the body is relaxed deeply, all soft tissue work is easier and more effective.

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