Resolve Lower Back Pain with a Portable Back Massager

Back pain can be debilitating, with more than 80 percent of Canadians experiencing it at some point in their lives. Especially in an age where Canadians are more active than previous generations and with all that leaning over the table towards a laptop or putting stress on the neck looking downwards to look at a smartphone, back pain’s understandable a serious concern. Back pain is the sort of thing where it doesn’t just affect your level of comfort, either. It can affect your ability to enjoy your free time, can reduce your productivity at work, and can keep you at home waiting to get better which means no paycheque!

If your back pain is the result of tight muscles, a portable back massager is your best bet at getting yourself to relax and heal.  A back massager attacks the pain and the fact that it’s portable means you can use it at the office or at home.’s model is not bulky and can be easily moved. A back massager works by digging into your back. We know – it doesn’t sound pleasant. Surprisingly though, it can lead to a lot of pleasure and in all the right ways. A massager digs into the back to release knots and tension, touching down upon essential pressure points. It’s a safe and comfortable way to give tense muscles the chance to release and as they do, they begin healing. Pain relief is challenging enough. Sure, there are prescription medications available which are dangerous and alternative treatments such as acupuncture which can be used, but when you’re at home and you don’t have anywhere else to really turn to, you want to know you have a massager to use.

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Now, the best back massager for pain relief might not be the same for every person. Some of us like more intense, deep massages while others need something gentler. An effective back massager should be customizable in some way that allows you to dictate your massage experience. What you can expect from using a back massager is an increase in circulation and stiff muscles to go away. For upper back pain, lower back pain, or pain that’s shooting across your back, as long as it’s related to the muscles itself, a back massager can help. If you still have pain in these areas and it’s not the muscles, you may be experiencing nerve pain which is something no massager will be able to help with unfortunately. In that case, it’s important to see a trained medical professional to evaluate further.

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