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When you’re operating a massage therapist business, you know among the supplies you need and/or which will be expected from clientele are disposable sheets and covers.’s disposable massage table sheets and covers are second to none, meeting all standards of production and performance. Coming in a variety of sizes, they are perfect for any massage therapist office.

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Available in both paper and poly sheets, you can even save on cost buying in bulk. Disposable headrest covers and pillowcases like those found in our online catalogue are essential to making a client feel comfortable and like they’re in a sanitary environment.   If you’re also looking at replenishing other inventory, also has self-sealing biohazard bags to safely dispose of medical waste.

If you’re a massage therapist looking for deals on disposable sheets, you’ve come to the right place. We can assist in getting you everything you need to maximize your personal care standards. An added bonus is you also get to reduce your laundry expenses by keeping everything disposable like this.

Browse different materials and configurations to meet your specific treatment needs. We’re confident you will find everything you hope for in the catalogue. Fit them nicely across any standard size massage table, they’re and easy to tear off, and the surface is soft and breathable maximized for comfort. They’re perhaps the most hygienic approach to massage therapy in this environment. You’ll be glad to have them and clients will feel extra taken care of!


See deals like a 6-pack of disposable headrest covers for $93.00, a 12-pack for $186.00, a set of disposable headrest covers for $15.50, a disposable paper sheet pack for $17.00, a disposable poly table sheets in green for $95.00, disposable pillowcases for $6.50, or browse a selection of examination paper crepe rolls ranging in cost depending on size from $32.95 to $59.00 and above. These are just some of the products you’ll find helpful to your massage therapy practice. There’s hundreds more of similar products found with to help you set up for success!

Having spoken with hundreds of massage therapists and practitioners across Canada, we recognize it’s not easy to keep a business flourishing. There’s plenty of competition and expenses add up. Any way to minimize cost without sacrificing the quality of your massage therapy services is an opportunity. That’s what you get any time you shop with See the best massage products anywhere in Canada. Browse massage clinical supplies and massage sheet covers from, buy in bulk, and you won’t have to worry again about finding a cheap, affordable price on high quality massage therapist products. is your one-stop shop for everything!

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