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Chinese medicines and alternative therapies have garnered a lot of attention with a number of studies published supporting the use of treatments like acupuncture and cupping. One of the lesser known Chinese medicine therapies that have been used for centuries is moxibustion. Naturally, you might see moxibustion and think combustion or some sort of harmful exposure. Moxibustion is anything but that. Here’s a little bit about how it works.

Moxibustion has been used in China to prevent and cure disease. Although we wouldn’t ever want to say it’s a cure-all, moxibustion has been shown to help relieve symptoms from a number of conditions. How moxibustion works is a treatment consists of burning a wand of dried herbs across acupuncture points. This is done using a Moxa stick. Therefore, you may consider it as an alternative to acupuncture or complementary to acupuncture.

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There are two types of moxibustion. Direct moxibustion is when the burning wand of dried herbs touches the skin. This evidently causes pain and scarring, which is precisely why it is rarely used. Normally, in North America, the far more common technique is indirect moxibustion which applies the burning wand over an acupuncture needle or on an acupuncture point without touching. Insulating materials like garlic, ginger, or salt may also be used in this process.

Moxibustion works by nourishing the body’s Qi. Stagnant energy built up is released or moved along the body’s meridians. Moxibustion activates circulation and nourishes the blood, drawing out toxins and motivating detoxification in the body. The herbs commonly used in moxibustion vary between mugwort and wormwood mainly. The primary 4 benefits of moxibustion – although there are several – are to boost immunity to colds and flus, to reduce pain from arthritis and conditions like fibromyalgia, to improve digestion, and to prevent breech births.

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Although moxibustion has been inarguably under-studied as it relates to how it can treat illness, other conditions patients have reported symptoms being successfully treated with moxibustion include TMJ, urinary tract infections, herpes zoster, fatigue and weakness, fatigue, and even cognitive issues.

From a practitioner’s perspective, we don’t want anyone to make false promises about what moxibustion can deliver. That said, if a patient’s had acupuncture regularly and has seen its benefits, they may also be receptive to the effects of moxibustion. Alternatively, if a patient is afraid of needles, this is alternative treatment to offer. Pick up moxa rolls, moxa accessories, and more this July 2019 from Lierre and get it all at the best prices in Canada.

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