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Moxibustion is all about increasing the flow of energy in the body, tapping into the body’s meridians to do so. In Chinese medicine, many physical and mental health problems are thought as representation of blockages in energy. Therefore, remedying these blockages results in remedying the conditions and illnesses affecting a person.

Moxibustion therapy is based in traditional Chinese medicine and in Tibetan medicine. It involves burning herbs and applying this heat to specific points on the body. Sometimes administered in tandem with acupuncture, more and more Canadians have become interested in moxibustion therapy for various reasons.

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Although hardly a cure-all, moxibustion therapy has been used to treat arthritis, back pain, headaches, migraines, muscle stiffness, menstrual camps, digestive problems, ulcers, cancers, infertility, and tendinitis.

There are two types of moxibustion therapy– direct and indirect. Indirect moxibustion involves burning moxa – a substance created from dried leaves of the herbs – on top of an acupuncture needle. Sometimes, burnt moxa is set over ginger, garlic, or salt on the patient’s skin. Comparatively, in direct moxibustion, the burning moxa is placed directly on the skin. Rarely is direct moxibustion used these days as it tends to cause pain and scarring.

So does moxibustion work– yes, it does, for some conditions. A 2009 study found moxibustion reduced the frequency and severity of hot flashes. A 2010 study found moxibustion to be beneficial for patients suffering from ulcerative colitis and other types of inflammatory bowel disease. Lastly, another study confirmed moxibustion was beneficial to decreasing the risk of a breech birth. Although moxibustion is used for other reasons than these, minimal amount of study has been done. For some, they may see benefit. For others, they may not.

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Regarding risks, there are little to none. That said, anyone suffering from diabetes should not complete a moxibustion therapy. Also, it is worth noting any oils used from mugwort or wormwood are toxic when taken internally. These are all points worth remember. Also, always consult a physician prior to undergoing treatment.

When it comes to holistic or herbal medicine, moxibustion is admittedly one of the lesser publicized therapies. That said, it’s been gaining interest from Canadians who have tried other treatments, other medications, and other experiments to remedy the symptoms of their conditions. If moxibustion alternative therapy works for you, that’s a huge win!

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