Perfect gift ideas for the holidays/Christmas from Canada

Holiday gift shopping can be stressful, and thinking of ideas for everyone on your list can be overwhelming. What you need is to put yourself first and give yourself the gift of self care this holiday season. We found the 7 best holiday gift set ideas to give yourself. Because you deserve peace of mind before beginning your holiday shopping this year.

1. Thera Crystals™ Rose Quartz Gua Sha and Rosehip Organic Beauty Oil

Nothing says self care like skin care! This beautiful set contains one heart shaped Rose Quartz Gua Sha and rosehip beauty oil to deeply nourish the skin. Applying the beauty oil then massaging your face with the Gua Sha can help the oil penetrate into the skin better, and using the Gua Sha regularly can improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and reduces acne and wrinkles

Thera Crystals Rose Quartz Gua Sha and Rosehip beauty oil for chrismtas gift ideas 2019 - Canada


2. Thera Crystals™ Elixir Water Bottle Set

Running around to shop for gifts and checking off everything from your to-do list can be exhausting, and it’s important to stay hydrated in order to stay on top of things. This Crystal Elixir Water Bottle Set from Thera Crystals is just what you need to keep you hydrated and grounded in December. Each crystal has different properties to keep you feeling calm, energized, and happy; all while you stay hydrated.

Thera Crystals Crystal Elixir water bottle gift set for christmas gift ideas 2019 - Canada


3. Crystal Apples Set

If you’re looking for something to spruce up your home or office, this crystal apple set is just what you need! It is a perfect gift for someone looking to add some decor to their office desk, but it can also be something you need for your office as well. They can help promote good luck, love, prosperity, wealth, and balanced emotions. 

Thera Crystals Crystal Apples gift set for chrismtas gift ideas 2019 - Canada


4. Thera Crystals Healing Bracelet Set 

This set of bracelets is perfect to keep on during the month of December to help keep you feeling balanced, grounded and calm in this hectic holiday season. These bracelets promote feelings of balance and protection, attracts good luck and fortune, and Improves good judgement and sharp decision-making. Everything you need to tackle your holiday to-do list.

Thera Crystals™ healing bracelet gift set for Christmas gift ideas 2019 - Canada


5. Glass Crystal Lotus

If you’re looking for some new decorations for your home or office space, this glass crystal lotus flower is sure to impress any visitor to enter your space. It comes in four beautiful colours like blue, purple, red, and clear, to sparkle in any type of light. Let this lotus crystal bring you joy every time you see it!

Thera Crystals™ Glass Crystal Lotus gift set for Christmas gift ideas 2019 - Canada


6. Jade soft™ Anti-Cellulite Treatment Silicone Cupping Set

If you want a skincare set for yourself this year, then get the best anti-cellulite set out there with Lierre! You can save on expensive cellulite treatments from spas and do it yourself at home! This set comes with a massager and two silicone cups to help you treat yourself this holiday season. 

Jade soft™ Anti-Cellulite Treatment Silicone Cupping gift set for Christmas gift ideas 2019 - Canada


7. Diffuser and Essential Oils Gift Set

Last but definitely not least on this list is our diffuser and essential oils gift set. Trying to stay calm during December can be difficult with the gift buying, planning, and organizing, but you need time to let your mind rest. This combo of 3 essential oils can help your mind unwind by diffusing it in a beautiful wood grain humidifier/diffuser. Tackle this holiday season like a pro while staying calm with these 7 gift ideas!

Diffuser and Essential Oils Gift Set for Christmas gift ideas 2019 - Canada

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