5 reasons whhy you should own an essential oil diffuser from Lierre.ca in Canada

Reasons why you should own an essential oil diffuser and it is the perfect time for Black Friday shopping! Everyone is looking to buy things from their long awaited wish list because it is the perfect time! You will hear me a lot talking about aromatherapy, simply because it is a natural therapy you can use to treat about anything. Aromatherapy has been invented a long time ago, and it is to improve your breathing techniques, and to simply make you feel better as a whole. Nonetheless, people believe this is a huge investment, but you will simply be investing on it for once! Diffusers can be used in different ways, especially, the newest models, they are multi-taskers. They can be for air purifier, a diffuser, a beautiful changing color lamp and lastly as a humidifier. So here is the reason why you should own an essential oil diffuser:


1. Their multitasking feature

Why not get a 4 in 1? Is it not obvious that you would be saving so much more money, invest in a good one, that will serve you forever. As I mentioned earlier, you can use it for multiple reason, and the reasons are not limited, there are plenty of ways, and perfect as decoration as well, if you choose the right one, for example, a blue swirl design.    

 Ultrasonic Aroma Glass Diffuser for essential oils from Lierre.ca Canada


2. Air changer in the room

It is important to change air in the room because having new air all the time will not only make you stay awake, but more organized and productive. Have you seen those Instagram Blogger, they all have aesthetic setting, but you can also create that, and often time, you see that they feature diffusers. Diffusers have been becoming very popular as well, because it helps you concentrate in your room, you would not need to go out to the library to study anymore, be at the comfort, at your house.        

3. Helps you sleep better

People that are suffering from insomnia, would benefit greatly from aromatherapy. Sometimes, when you smell something, you will feel at ease, especially if you use the right, and your favorite essential oils.

Organic essential oils and diffuser for relaxation from Lierre.ca Canada


4. Heals certain pain and ideal for overall health

You may experience certain pain, in abdominal, or pain in your muscle, and interestingly, aromatherapy is there to relax and relieve your pain. Aromatherapy is an interesting therapy because it also promote your blood circulation, and it is something that many would practice. Ideal for people who stresses a lot, and when they are having some down side of their life, it is here to alleviate that too. It would also speed up any recovery.


5. Helps your memory retention

You will hear me a lot about productivity, and studying. When you are used to a certain scent, and soothing ones, it can stimulate a better circulation flow in your body, which is why it will overall help your memory retention of things. People are more likely to retain when it has to do with the senses. This is why sensory inputs are very important when you are trying to rehearse, for example, you will retain more if you see pictures, and you see the same picture in your exam. It is the same for smell, if you sit in with the same smell, you will more likely remember the smell when you were studying. This will bring you to ace your exams. But. now you are wondering, well I cannot bring a diffuser to my exam right? I have the perfect alternative for you. Diffusers do not only have to be in one big form, but also as a jewelry. Lierre.ca launched this product recently, the Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet. Lava Stone is known to absorb aroma placed on the beads, and to retain for quite a time.

Buy Lava Stone Diffuser Bracelet Set for relaxation and calmness from Lierre.ca in Canada

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