Lierre Donation Program

At Lierre we believe that a good education is the foundation of a strong healthcare industry. It is important to provide a solid background for new and current practitioners. We are proud to announce the creation of Lierre Foundation: A Partner for the Students. 

Our mission is to provide support for students in the healthcare field by offering scholarships, supplies, and equipment depending on their needs.We are honoured that our first partnership is with the Foundation of Rosemont College (Montreal). Together we have created The Lierre Scholarship, which is awarded to three acupuncture students each year who require financial aid in order to complete their degrees. The scholarship also recognizes the best Rosemont College student each year with an award. 

Lierre is passionate about healthcare and providing the best opportunities to students who want to begin careers in this field. We are always looking for new partnerships with schools, and we are open to future collaborations.

 If you know someone who may benefit from our program, please contact us.