What is IASTM? IASTM or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation is a new technique where it can treat the soft tissue dysfunction by using stainless-steel instruments to apply on the body. The technique of IASTM resemble one of the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) practice called Gua sha, which simply to use stones or crystals to apply along the meridians by moving out the bad chi (airflow) through the body. IASTM applies the similar technique and that is why it is commonly believed to be another modern version of GuaSha. This technique (aka Garston) has rapidly grown and have proven as efficient in treating muscle and sports injuries.

IASTM Bundle Pack - 

Suitable for Professionals

IASTM Tools Set (Axis-3 Piece Set)
IASTM Tools Set No.3 (4 Piece Set)

IASTM Single Pack - 

Suitable for Personal Use

IASTM Myofascial Tool S (large)
IASTM Scraping Tool (G Shape)
IASTM Myofascial Tool S (small)

Benefits of IASTM