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The principle of chromotherapy is to relieve discomfort or pain by using colored light. A chromotherapy session consists in projecting a colored light through a visual perception. Each color has a different effect on our cells depending on the wavelength of each.

How to use the glasses?

  • You can wear the glasses of the chosen color for periods of 15 to 30 minutes once or twice a day, at home or on the go. 
  • The ideal use is in an environment of natural daylight, or possibly with certain artificial lights. 
  • Do not drive with bioenergetic chromotherapy glasses.
  • When using them, try to listen to yourself energetically and if the effects start to be too intense, listen to the duration of the sessions.
  • We recommend choosing a maximum of two colors per period of 2 to 3 weeks. When the effects are stable, you can switch to another color if necessary.

The effects of colors!

Noticeable on your energy, your chakras and your emotions.

Red Glasses:

It brings strength, courage, alertness, a sense of power, vitality, also to overcome negative thoughts, anchoring.

Physical effects: works on circulatory problems, stimulates the body and libido. It works on rheumatism. Aggressive people avoid this color.

Psychological effects: stimulate the mind for short-term trials. Increases performance for exams, competition.

Chakras, body parts and glands: Root, elimination, lymphatic, teeth, lower limbs, adrenal glands.

Yellow glasses

It brings focus, clarity of mind, optimism.

Physical effects: fights mental fatigue and alleviates skin problems. Works at the level of constipation, migraines, nervous stimulant. Boosts digestive system and liver.

Psychological effects: stimulates the intellect without exciting, anti-mental fatigue, anti-melancholy.

Chakras, body parts and glands: solar plexus, pancreas, large intestine, stomach, liver, muscular system, skin

Orange glasses

It brings social confidence, cheerfulness, resourcefulness, pleasant relationships.

Physical effects: it tones, strengthens, stimulates the thyroid, fights diabetes, antispasmodic. Improves the respiratory system and acts against muscle pain.

Psychological effects: Anti-fatigue color, promotes good body-mind relationship. Increases optimism, sexual tone and vitality.

Chakras, body parts and glands: Chi or hara, lumbar plexus, reproductive system, sexual organs, gonad glands.

Turquoise glasses

It promotes openness, confidence, relaxation, soothing feeling, sensitivity.

Physical effects: helps to reduce violent and sudden pains, relaxation

Psychological effects: Calming and restful after intellectual work, harmonizes mind and body.

Blue glasses

It brings relaxation, peace, calm, vitality, creativity, communication, calms the mind.

Physical effect: may help with fever, colds, flu, inflammation.

Psychological effects: Effect of peace and tranquility, tones the nervous system.Helps to stabilize high pressure. Promotes good communication and concentration.

Chakra, body parts and glands: Throat, neck, arms, hands, cervical plexus, thyroid gland.

Indigo glasses

It brings serenity, imagination, exact perception, understanding, and strong deep sleep.

Physical effects: Pain, glandular disorders, premature aging.

Psychological effects: Stimulates intuition, allows access to certain more subtle levels of consciousness

Chakra, body parts and glands: carotids, temples, forehead, pituitary gland.

Purple glasses

It brings inspiration, creativity, beauty, calms the nerves, reduces irritation, creativity, beauty.

Physical Effects: Improves the quality of sleep, working at the level of constipation.

Psychological effects: Reduces anxiety, nervousness, phobias and fears, nervous disorder.

Chakra, body parts and gland: 3rd eye, brain, nervous system, intestines, pineal gland.

Magenta glasses

It helps soothe and balance emotions.

Physical effects: Excellent relaxant.

Psychological effects: Harmonizes emotions, softens character.

Chakra, body parts and gland: Crown, center of spiritual qualities, pituitary.

Pink glasses

It brings calm, relaxation, stress relief, appetite suppressant.

Physical effects: Weight loss color, helps reduce cortisol levels to combat stress, anxiety and nervousness.

Psychological effects: Reduces hunger, reduces food cravings and urges, acts as an antidepressant. (Addictions), hyperactivity, excitement.

Green glasses

It helps to balance things better, brings peace, stress reduction, calm, self-control, hope.

Physical effects: insomnia, visual disturbance, irritability, hypertension, migraines

Psychological effects: dissipates anger and nervousness, changes ideas, used to predispose to hypnosis.

Chakra, body parts and glands: heart, circulatory system, lungs, chest, thymus.

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