Kang Zhu Suction Cupping Set (24pcs)

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-Clean cups with soapy water at your first-time use.
-Clean and try your skin and hands before cupping.
-Choose the right size cup for the area, connected pump with cups, leave cup on targeted area, squeeze pump gun to create suction cup will gently lift the skin.
-You can adjust the cup’s suction level based on the individual’s preference. You may feel a very light pinch or a sensation of tightness, but it should not be painful: pain is an indication that you’ve squeezed the pump gun too hard, and you should remove the cup immediately.
-For optimal use, targeted area should not have more hairs as cup may fall off.
-After the treatment, thoroughly clean with soap and disinfect the cups if it’s for personal use.
-Wash them with warm, soapy water to get rid of the residue after use
-Add optional magnets for acupressure purpose

Stationary Cupping:
-Squeeze the pump gun and place the cup on the area of the body that you wish to treat.
-Leave the cup on for 10-15 minutes. Adjust the degree of suction as needed.
-Remove if the cups become uncomfortable, or if swelling or pronounced redness occurs.

-Increase blood circulation.
-Reduce and prevent cellulite.
-Create an effective akin to deep tissue massage.
-Help clear dead cells and stagnation.
-Relieve physical and mental stress.
-Provide anti-aging effect.
-Alleviate cold, cough, and allergy symptoms.

-Do not use on fresh cuts, bruises, or other injuries, as well as on sunburns, deep scars, rashes, or otherwise irritated or damaged skin.
-Consult a practitioner if you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine treatment; do not attempt to practice TCM on yourself without training.
-Disinfect and wash before first-time use. Keep out of reach of children.
*-Cupping may cause skin discoloration and irritation. It may leave purple marks or circular bruises on the skins. These marks may begin to fade after several days or remain for two to three weeks. Infection is sometimes a risk after cupping.
-Cupping may also cause pain, swelling, burns, dizziness, light-headedness, fainting, sweating, skin pigmentation, water blister and/or nausea. Customers who buy cupping product should be aware of this.
-Plastic cupping set should ONLY be used for their intended use. Improper use can cause discomfort and injury. Please consult your healthcare practitioners if you have health concerns and not sure if you are eligible to use cupping.
-Any damage or injury from improperly usage will not the responsibility of distributor of Lierre.ca.

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Ritzail Tianes
1st purchase

Was best products!

Malika Haddad
Une haute gamme

Les ventouses sont faciles à manier et très agréables pour le patient .

Isabelle Roy

Fonctionne très bien.

Kang Zhu Suction Cupping Set

great product

Suzie Grenier

Les ventouses me semblent bien! Par contre, difficultés à les démonter pour nettoyage, particulièrement les plus petites et aussi, j'ai remarqué que deux d'entres elles étaient de circonférences irrégulières! Est-ce un défaux ou c'est pour une autre utilité? Merci!

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