Milian Chuanbei Pipa Gao 245ml

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Medicinal Ingredients per 22g:
Citrus reticulata(Dried Tangerine Peel)(Extract ratio 5.556:1, QCE 318.84mg)...57.39mg, Eriobotrya japonica(Loquat leaf)(Extract ratio 8.334:1, QCE 1594.2mg)...191.3mg, Fritillaria cirrhosa(Tendrilleaf Firtillary Bulb)(Extract ratio 7.694:1, QCE 159.42mg)...20.72mg, Glehnia littoralis(Bei Sha Shen Root)(Extract ratio 6.251:1, QCE 318.84mg)...51.01mg, Platycodon grandiflorus(Platycodon Root)(Extract ratio 11.112:1, QCE 478.26mg)...43.04mg, Prunus armeniaca(Bitter Apricot Seed)...318.84mg, Schisandra chinensis(Chinese Magnoliavine Fruit)(Extract ratio 6.665:1, QCE 79.71mg)...11.96mg, Tussilago farfara(Common Coltsfoot Flower)(Extract ratio 7.142:1, QCE 759.42mg)...22.32mg, Typhonium flagelliforme(Rhizoma Typhonii Flagelliformis)(Extract ratio 12.499:1, QCE 318.84mg)...25.51mg, l-Menthol...3.51mg
Non-medicinal Ingredients: Sucrose, Liquid Glucose, Honey, Water, Benzoic Acid, Ethylparaben, Almond Flavor, Cherry Flavor, Almond Oil, Bitter, FFPA, Cream Flavor

3 times a day to 22 grams. (About 1 tablespoon)

-Do not use in diabetes.
-Before using the product, carefully read the instructions and consult a doctor.
-You should refrain from smoking, alcohol, and eliminate the use of sharp, raw and bitter food.
-In bronchiectasis, lung abscess, pulmonary heart, tuberculosis, you must first consult your doctor.
-Children, pregnant women, nursing mothers and the elderly to take the drug only under the guidance of a doctor.
-In the absence of positive dynamics within a week of taking the drug should consult a specialist.
-If at the time of taking the medicine temperature rises above 38 ℃, or appear shortness of breath, cough will increase, will increase the amount of sputum, you should immediately consult a doctor.
-When allergy to any component of the drug, as well as allergic constitution taken with caution.
-If you change the characteristics of the drug, stop taking.
-Children take only under adult supervision.
-If necessary, the simultaneous use of other drugs should first consult a doctor or pharmacist.
-Incompatible with drugs containing aconite.

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Customer Reviews

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I’m recovering from a many months bout of pneumonia. After being treated with antibiotics twice and still coughing my doctors told me I’d continue to cough for many weeks if not months afterwards. So I coughed it out but wasn’t getting better. Tried many different OTC cough medications from the store and nothing helped relieve my coughing. After using this syrup for the last 8 days I am noticeably coughing way less and sleeping much better finally. Honestly I’ll never buy another cough syrup again, this has been a life saver.

Daria Kojokin

Milian Chuanbei Pipa Gao 245ml

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