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Mugwort (8:1)

-Take a small amount of three years Moxa, approximately 1-1.5 grams, and tightly pack it into a cone shape.
-Prepare a slice of fresh ginger or garlic and place it directly on the targeted acupoint.
-Gently position the cone-shaped Golden Moxa on top of the ginger or garlic slice, ensuring it sits securely without touching the skin.
-Use a lit incense stick to ignite the Golden Moxa cone. Allow it to smolder and generate heat, providing warmth to the acupoint.
-Maintain the moxa application for 5-8 minutes, keeping a watchful eye on the heat intensity. If it becomes uncomfortable, you can lift the moxa slightly away from the skin or remove it completely.
-Once the moxa cone has burned out completely, carefully remove the slice of ginger or garlic from the acupoint.
-To safely extinguish the moxa cone, place the used ginger or garlic slice into a bowl of water. This ensures the moxa is fully put out.

1. Direct moxibustion can cause burns, which can result in pus, scarring and skin discoloration.
2. Please consult healthcare practitioner before ues moxa if you’re pregnant, or you have other health issue.
3. Do NOT use moxibustion if you are allergic for mugwort, sensitive for smoke, lung condition like asthma.
4. Moxibustion should not be performed over the face or over other sensitive tissues.
5. Moxibustion should not be done on children, or if done, only indirect moxa methods used with extreme caution.

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