Mu Xiang Shun Qi Wan 200 Pills (Minshan)

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Medicinal Ingredients:
Actaea heracleifolia (Komarov's Bugbane) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 10.14mg)...2.73mg, Alisma plantago-aquatica orientale (Orientale Waterplantain Rhizome) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 20.27mg)...5.46mg, Alpinia hainanensis (Katsumade galangal seed) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 30.41mg)...8.19mg, Alpinia oxyphylla (Fructus alpiniae oxyphyllae) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 30.41mg)...8.19mg, Angelica sinensis (Chinese Angelica)...50.68mg, Atractylodes lancea (Atractylodes Rhizome) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 30.41mg)...8.19mg, Bupleurum chinense (Chinese Thorowax Root) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 10.14mg)...2.73mg, Citrus reticulata (Green Tangerine Peel) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 20.27mg)...5.46mg, Citrus reticulata (Green Tangerine Peel) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 20.27mg)...5.46mg, Magnolia officinalis (Magnolia Bark) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 40.54mg)...5.46mg, Pinellia Ternata (Pinellia Rhizome...20.27mg, Poria cocos (Indian Bread) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 20.27mg)...5.46mg, Saussurea costus (Common Aucklandia Root)...30.41mg, Tetradium ruticarpum (Medicinal Evoda Fruit) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 20.27mg)...5.46mg, Zingiber officinate (Dried Ginger) (Extract ratio 3.715:1, 20.27mg)...5.46mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Talc Powder, Insect Wax

Take 8 pills each time, 3 times Daily.

-Do not use it when pregnant or breastfeeding; or in case of yin deficiency with heat signs, or the reckless movement of hot blood; or if you have hypokalemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, live disorders, kidney insufficiency or a kidney or cardiovascular disorder.
-Please consult a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner before use if you have hypertension.
-Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are taking other medications or if symptoms persist or worsen.
-Keep out of reach from children.
-Do not use it when Package seal is damaged.

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