Does Acupuncture Hurt – A Real-Life Glimpse into What to Expect During And After

Acupuncture is used to treat over a dozen common conditions, including allergies, anxiety, depression, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, dental pain, headaches and migraines, high blood pressure, insomnia, menstrual cramps, neck pain, osteoarthritis, and respiratory conditions.

Despite the success of acupuncture in treating these conditions and others, many people are apprehensive about trying a session due to fear of the needle. There’s the anxiety of the needle as well as the fear of acupuncture hurting. The most common question – by far – around acupuncture is, does it hurt? The answer is clear – it doesn’t.

Acupuncture needles are very thin. The thinner one with diameter 0.12mm. When they are pushed in, they do not hurt. Some have sensations akin to an endorphin rush or an emotional release when having acupuncture done. What you don’t hear often are descriptions of pain. In all likelihood, you won’t even notice acupuncture needles are placed in.

Having said that, every patient is different. If you have a low level of pain tolerance and are sensitive to pain, you may experience some discomfort in your first acupuncture treatment. Fortunately, this is only what you might expect in your first session. The more acupuncture treatments you have, the less pain a patient generally experiences.

After your first few acupuncture sessions, you may also see symptoms slightly worsen. This is also normal. In some patients, it’s the body’s response to want to re-balance itself after an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is a new thing for a body that has never had it before. Once again, after a few sessions, your body should begin to feel better.

It is recommend giving it 3-6 sessions. If a difference isn’t produced in that time, you know it’s unlikely to work for you. After a single session though, it is somewhat unpredictable as to what a body’s response will be.

When you feel uncertain or nervous about if acupuncture needles will hurt you, be open with your acupuncture practitioner beforehand. Let them know if you’re sensitive about pain. The professional knows how to choose the right size and right type acupuncture needles in your treatment. A qualified acupuncture needles will minimize the discomfort. Let you experience painless acupuncture treatment.

As intimidating as acupuncture is on its appearance, Having it done is an experience that’s wholly positive. You may feel a mild, dull ache while the needle’s in or some tingling. This only means it is working and that the acupuncture point is activated. It’s not uncommon to feel warmth, a dull heavy sensation, or electricity in these areas as well. Once again, this only means that it is working.

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