6 ways acupuncture can help you lose weight

Weight loss strategies come in all shapes and sizes as you probably know, and recent evidence suggests acupuncture may in fact be able to assist individuals in cutting weight. Acupuncture’s all about finding balance, both in the body and in life. Our bodies do not lie. When we eat too much or are living in unhealthy lifestyle, it shows up. It’s as simple as cause-and-effect. Acupuncture works because it helps the body focus and balance itself, and help the person having to life inside. Here are some tips on how acupuncture can help for weight loss. Do keep in mind the extent acupuncture can work for weight loss varies by individual as well as what body type they have, what lifestyle they’re leading, their diet, and the amount of exercise they’re receiving.

Address the origin of the problem.

Weight gain has a root cause. It might be lifestyle or diet but it could also be a digestion issue, intestines not working correctly, or a hormonal imbalance. All important questions, if you have doubts about your weight gain, schedule an appointment with your family doctor.

Acupuncture works on the brain.

Acupuncture needles with or without electric stimulation as little as one time per week has been shown to re-train the brain to think about different lifestyle aspects. According to a recent study, acupuncture used in specific areas can reduce food cravings and reduce hunger.

The link between weight gain and stress.

Acupuncture releases stress which makes sleeping easier, removes cravings for fatty foods motivated by stress, and eliminates the body’s own need to save fat which it does when it is stressed. Across your metabolism and the function of your organs, there’s also positive effect.

Acupuncture resolves underlying issues.

Acupuncture is not ‘the magic pill’ by any means however it can help address underlying issues you may not even be aware are going on. Weight loss is not just about bringing your numbers down, remember. It’s about re-balancing your life to ensure those numbers stay down.

Increasing energy.

Acupuncture is believed to help blocked energy move through the body more effectively. It’s also been shown to increase energy in individuals chasing weight loss. Studies have also acupuncture for weight loss can help a person lose up to an extra pound per week when combined with the right diet and exercise plan.

Acupuncture is a larger plan.

Too many people get caught up in trying to find the one thing that’s going to help them lose weight. The truth is that it’s never one thing – weight loss is about a combination. To this point, acupuncture on its own will have limited effect on your weight loss goals however as a part of a larger health and wellness plan, it can work wonders. Shop acupuncture needles in Canada from Lierre.ca and fight back against your weight loss struggle.

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