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There are those who swear by acupuncture as an effective weight loss tip and others who completely dismiss the ancient Chinese practice. But what do the experts say about acupuncture for weight loss – that’s what we’re here to find out. Acupuncture’s been shown verifiably in several academic studies to help with alleviating stress, physical pain, allergies, addictions, and PMS. Now, as it pertains to weight loss, studies looking at acupuncture in this context are few. Does acupuncture work for weight loss – yes, it appears for some people although to what extent we don’t know. At worst a scientist knowledgeable on weight loss is likely to say, “Acupuncture can’t hurt weight loss.” And, this is true. But can it help – probably.

Assuming your weight is linked to your stress levels, if acupuncture lowers your stress and studies have shown it can, that has a direct positive impact on your weight. Studies analyzing acupuncture for weight loss alongside diet restrictions also show significant weight loss results. Acupuncture’s not going to magically melt off weight in any sense but as a third benefit, it can also minimize cravings and affects a part of the brain that’s associated with feeling hunger. Considering these benefits, which have been verified, the average person looking to lose weight is likely to see positive results using acupuncture as long as it’s not intelligently. Although results are different patient to patient, if you’re serious about weight loss, chances are you’re getting some physical activity in in some way, you’re switching up your diet, and perhaps you’re trying other things. In combination with diet and exercise, acupuncture helps. Also, considering acupuncture can impact the brain and help release the body’s own natural feel-good neurotransmitters, it’s not ‘too good to be true’ to think what impacts the brain will also impact the body. Acupuncture’s all about re-balancing the body and positively impacting the quality of life of anyone using it. A recent study analyzing acupuncture for weight loss saw patients receive multiple treatments per week for eight weeks, attaining weight loss results between 10-15 pounds. This is just one example. Obviously, should a person eat and eat and eat, no amount of acupuncture or physical activity is going to help. It always takes a combination.

Acupuncture will help you feel better, look better, and help to re-balance your brain. It’s common to see diet and exercise affected in positive ways from these changes. Unfortunately, there are no studies confirming acupuncture treatment on its own correlates to weight loss. Alternatively, there aren’t any studies suggesting the opposite. Decide for yourself whether acupuncture for weight loss works for you. Shop acupuncture needles with to begin your acupuncture treatments today.

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