Are acupuncture needles reusable?

Are Acupuncture Needles Reusable?

Acupuncture is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been practiced for thousands of years. As acupuncture becomes popular in alternative therapies, people start to raise different kinds of questions about acupuncture, the most common one is: are acupuncture needles reusable?

Are acupuncture needles reusable?

The answer is no, acupuncture needles that we use nowadays cannot be reused. Even though the acupuncture needles in the past were reusable, most acupuncture needles now are made to be disposable and for single usage.

Why acupuncture needles cannot be reused?

The purpose of making acupuncture needles disposable is about hygiene: reusing acupuncture needles might increase the risk of getting infection and diseases, especially STDs. Many people might think that STDs are only transmitted by intercourse, however, the transmission of blood is also the main cause of STDs.

Specifically, if your acupuncturist uses the acupuncture needle which have been applied to a person with STDs, and he or she does not sterilize the acupuncture needles properly, you have great possibilities to get STDs. So, please make sure that you find an acupuncturist who is trusted and certified. 

Where can I buy disposable acupuncture needles in Canada?

Reusable acupuncture needles are almost wiped out in current market because they are not hygienic. If you are an acupuncturist who is looking for a reputed acupuncture store to buy disposable acupuncture needles, do not hesitate to visit

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In conclusion, choosing a reliable and certified acupuncturist is important for people who want to do acupuncture. It is easy for patients to get infection and diseases by reusing acupuncture needles, therefore, the acupuncture needles must be disposable and for single use only. 


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