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Pure bliss awaits on the other side of an acupuncture session, at least when performed by an experienced practitioner. For practitioners and acupuncture enthusiasts seeking cheap acupuncture needles in Canada this summer, Lierre has quite the sale coming up.

What are the benefits of acupuncture treatment?

This July is the Lierre Anniversary Sale, celebrating 11 years in business serving Canadians from across the country. Acupuncture needles will be discounted to our lowest prices yet. For practitioners who haven’t tried shopping with Lierre yet or for patients seeking inexpensive acupuncture needles, here’s your opportunity.

Acupuncture in Canada is growing in popularity. Decades ago, skeptics were rife. These days, pain clinics to family physicians are even recommending it. The power of acupuncture needles strategically used throughout the body has been shown to cure pain, allergies, menstrual cramps, mental health struggles related to anxiety and stress, and more. Is it a cure-all? Absolutely not. That said, for many Canadians, it’s worked impressive well at treating a wide variety of conditions.

Acupuncture Needles at the Lowest Price in Canada

What is acupuncture and how does it help?

As a practitioner inserts acupuncture needles into the body, you may feel lighter, more relaxed, and relieved. Whether it’s for a pulled muscle or to release some stress, don’t be surprised if the skeptic in you is turned into a bona fide convert. Acupuncture needles in Canada work by placement across the body’s meridians – these are regions of the body corresponding to the function of other regions. For many people, the relief is instant!

If you’ve never had acupuncture done before, you may look at those needles and be intimidated. “Doesn’t it hurt?” some ask. The answer’s no, surprisingly. Modern acupuncture needles are so thin that many people barely feel them going in. You’d only know there are inserted needles by looking at them. There are over 5 million Canadians with a fear of needles and several of them successfully receive acupuncture. The needles are ultra-fine, no wider than a human hair.

Does acupuncture hurt?

For practitioners looking for discount acupuncture needles, Lierre’s anniversary sale one comes once a year. Maintaining an acupuncture practice isn’t a challenge but crafting the right environment involves having the right needles. You don’t want cheap, low quality needles. You want high quality acupuncture needles that are going to be cozy and comfortable when inserted. First-timers might never return if they’re faced with the experience of low quality needles that cause pain. At Lierre, you’ll never have this experience. All of our needles are rigorously tested and come from quality suppliers with stringent production standards.

Used by acupuncturists across all ten provinces, Canada’s Lierre is a reliable source of acupuncture needles and supplies. Come celebrate Lierre birthday with us and find the acupuncture clinic supplies you want on sale.

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