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Needles are an acupuncturist’s greatest tool. Learning more about the different types of needles can be a great way to be more thoughtful about your practice! Our brands of needles include Acu Relaxo acupuncture needles, Zagu acupuncture needles, Lierre acupuncture needles, Shinlin acupuncture needles and H.L. Seo Won acupuncture needles.

Silicone coated and non-coated needles

A thin layer of silicone on needles helps them glide through the skin, making them almost completely painless. They’re great for sensitive patients, especially for first timers and children. As heat affects silicone differently than metal, they are counterindicated for use with moxa and stimulators. Our Acu Relaxo acupuncture needles are all coated with silicone, whereas Zagu, Shinlin, Lierre and H.L. Seo Won are not.

Handle types

There are three different types of acupuncture needle handles: plastic, spring, and copper loop. All three are tied to different types of practices, and have their own advantages and disadvantages. Spring handle: Shinlin and H.L. Seo Won Korean needles usually have spring handles, and they’re designed for quick, simple applications. Korean style acupuncture treatments often require more acupuncture needles than traditional Chinese and Japanese treatments; the practical, no-fuss spring handle reflects this tendency.
Copper loop: Acu Relaxo and Zagu Associated to traditional Chinese acupuncture, this is the prototypical needle handle. The loop makes it easier for practitioners to better target points.
get acupuncture needles in canada at
Plastic Handle: Acu Relaxo Bright Plastic handles are intuitive to use, and the fact that they’re usually color-coded makes them much easier to remember and to tell apart during treatments. They’re great for beginners, and for complex treatments. Since they’re plastic, however, they should not be used with stimulators.

De-qi sensation

The de-qi sensation is incredibly important to traditional Chinese acupuncture practitioners. It refers to a subtle sensation of pulling and resistance as the needle enters the skin, making the needle vibrate: for serious practitioners of these traditions, this sensation is one of the best indicators of a puncture’s effectiveness. Our Lierre brand of needles is recognized for its ability to offer this sensation.
Lierre offers different types of acupuncture needles of acupuncture needles for sale, but always of the highest quality;even our uncoated acupuncture needles such as Zagu have an incredibly smooth and almost painless insertion.
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