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For new and established acupuncturists in Canada, high quality acupuncture needles are a necessity to ensure your success. When you have a reliable source for fine, sterile needles at your disposal, you can practise with confidence and not have to worry about inventory. 

Which acupuncture supplies professional acupuncturists will need?

Through, we carry a wide selection of types and brands of acupuncture needles. We’re more than confident any acupuncturist will find the tools they need to maximize the chances of a successful practice.

As any acupuncturist tools guide will tell you, the quality of acupuncture needles count for a lot. is a trusted resource for acupuncturists in Canada, especially when it comes to acupuncture needles as all of ours at approved by the FDA, CAMDAS, and CE.

For acupuncturists who may not know what brand is best for them, we can make a few suggestions which at least provide a starting point. Acupuncture needles can go for as low as $4.50. One of the best-selling acupuncture needles in Canada are from Acu Relaxo acupuncture needles, which are coated and promoted as a ‘painless acupuncture needle’.

There’s also the home brand Lierre Chinese-style, non-coated needles. Speaking of traditional Chinese-style acupuncture needles, there are a few brand options available in the catalogue. Lastly, if you’re looking for your best cost-value ratio, Shin Lu acupuncture needles are Korean-style and probably the most economic option.

The great thing about shopping acupuncture needles online from Lierre is every brand sold can be purchased in bulk. For professional acupuncturists, within the course of a day, you may go through dozens of needles easy. You don’t want to run out so buying in bulk is the most cost-effective and reasonable option. 

shop professional acupuncture needles in canada at
Starting a professional acupuncture business can come with many responsibilities and opportunities. You’ve got so much to look after, from taxes to bank accounts, accounting, obtaining and maintaining the permits or licensees you need, business insurance, and we haven’t even got to everything that goes into social media, marketing, and advertising.

You can make it easy on yourself by getting all your acupuncture needles, supplies, and accessories from a single place. This makes re-ordering so much simpler than having different vendors to go through. Also, should you offer other services at your acupuncture clinic, you can probably find those supplies in the catalogue as well. All offered at affordable prices, there’s advantage in establishing a relationship with a single vendor. It saves time, effort, and money.

Find acupuncture needles from a supplier you can rely on for your business as a professional acupuncturist, as a TCM practitioner, or to help build your alternative medicine clinic. Purchase acupuncture needles that are of the highest quality from Montreal-based

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