One of the Best Ways to Prevent COVID-19 is Washing Your Hands

Wash your hands.

We can’t say it enough. Every time when a novel epidemic is spreading, the public is encouraged to frequently wash hands. Reasons can be seen that hands touch different surfaces every day unconsciously, and some people have the habit of touching the face or mouth from time to time. The virus can be spread from hands to the inside of the body. The new coronavirus can exist on a surface for 9 days. Preventing it can be tough. The best way to do so is through disinfectants and hand-washing.

How to wash your hands properly step by step


The latest coronavirus update suggests the virus has made its way to more than 100 countries. Reports from the World Health Organization (WHO) suggest there are more than 110,000 cases of COVID-19. The age range of confirmed patients is uncertain, from infants to seniors. Everyone who has a weak immune system has the potential to get caught, and the strength of a person’s immune system is hard to test or measure. Therefore, trying your best to protect yourself and your family starts from washing hands with medical disinfectants

The worldwide risk assessment is high, however, the risk for coronavirus in Canada is somewhat moderate. As of March 9, Canada has had one death and overall the virus is very well contained. However, because the Canadian prime minister’s wife tests positive on March 12 and himself is self-isolating, Canadians take actions to stock daily necessities and food to prepare for the coming conditions. Coronavirus cases are rising. The cases of COVID19 in Toronto, for example, is still spreading. The numbers are rising.

Hand-washing is a great way to combat COVID-19. When you wash your hands, do so with a sanitizer containing a minimum of 60% alcohol. The alcohol acts as a disinfectant. Soap and cleaners of this kind will not kill viruses like COVID-19. Disinfectants do. This is it is deeply recommended to use them.

The best hand-washing disinfectant for coronavirus is IC-GEL, Antiseptic Skin Gel 480ml. This antimicrobial gel kills 99.9% of all germs and bacteria – including coronavirus. It does so without any use of water. You can carry this in your bag and set a reminder on your smartphone. If you take public transportation every day, it should be considered to put one dispenser with hands washing gel in your bag and use it frequently. 

You never know when you might not have any soap or disinfectant available. Take some with you.

The risk of coronavirus, even if it’s not fatal for you, is still something to consider. Depending on the health, age, and status of one’s immune system, the consequences can be severe for you or your family.

An alcohol-based hand rub, and washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water ensures COVID-19 is kept at bay. Use the Alcohol Antiseptic Swabs to clean all the surfaces you may touch, such as the screen of the mobile phone, the doorknob, and taps at home. Alcohol Swabs are a great tool to keep ready. You can keep them on your person and even offer them to others who may be in need. 

    Visit for coronavirus-killing medical disinfectants. Use them to sterilize, disinfect your hands, clean equipment, and for whatever you need. Be safe. Be cautious. Wash your hands, disinfect, and protect yourself.

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