What Can You Do to Prevent Yourself from COVID-19?

COVID-19 is quickly gathering steam as we discover more and more Canadian cases, there are more than 100 cases until today. The government is requesting to close all the schools for two weeks and encourage citizens not to get together and stay at home. The prevention of the coronavirus, or COVID-19, thankfully is relatively simple and straightforward. Try your best to pay attention to the tiny habits in daily life to effectively prevent Coronavirus. 

The first thing to remember is that the coronavirus is spreading through contact with other human beings, more specifically fluids. When people talk within a narrow space, if one of them carries with the pathogen, the other person has the potential to be caught. Here are some products to help in sanitizing and keeping you safe.


  • GermiCide3 Surface Wipes (60pcs 23x25cm) are a disinfectant wipe. They’re bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal, and tuberculosis. Soap and water don’t kill viruses. Disinfectants, however, do. Use these liberally on surfaces and common touchpoints i.e. handles, switches, doorknobs, etc. Keeping all the surfaces that you touch every day disinfected is the first way to help you against the virus, especially in public places. 
What Can You Do to Prevent Yourself from COVID-19?
  • Alcohol Swabs are used as an antiseptic skin cleanser. The isopropyl alcohol in them provides you with a way to kill germs. Alcohol swabs are another tool you’ll be lucky to have when you need it most. The patches can be smaller than the Germicide Cide3 wipes, but they are portable and packed individually. You can carry several Alcohol Swabs with you to clean small areas, such as glasses and the screen of the mobile phones. 
Alcohol Antiseptic Swabs (200pcs, 3cmx6.5cm)



Wearing a face mask help – not as much as medical disinfectants will. A face mask will protect the transmission of fluids from a cough or sneeze to your face or mouth. It doesn't hurt to wear face masks but considering the number of times we touch our faces with our hands, it’s a reasonable approach to consider the hands more than the face.

If your immune system is compromised by a cold or flu, or you have been diagnosed with coronavirus, it’s integral to look after yourself. Monitor the symptoms of new coronavirus If they begin to worsen or if you experience difficulty breathing, get to emergency services at a hospital.

None of us should stop living our lives because of COVID-19 or the risk of coronavirus. You can’t barricade yourself in your home. At least, you shouldn’t. That said, be careful. Have your disinfectant with you and be cautious around coughs or sneezes. The risk of COVID-19 spreading remains low. Let’s keep it that way.

Over 97 percent of people worldwide who have contracted coronavirus have survived it. Remember that. The world can overcome risks. It will take precautions like the ones mentioned.

This preventative action will allow Canada to gain more control over coronavirus. It will protect the health of Canadians from coast to coast. Get your disinfectant supplies today from Lierre.ca.

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