Crystal facial rollers from Canada

In the skin care industry, trends come and go. Always seeking to improve the appearance and/or elasticity of your skin, it can be tough knowing what’s true-and-tested and what’s hype. For example, gemstone facial rollers are one of the latest skin care trends seen on Instagram and social media. That said, it’s a skin care technique that’s been around for centuries and used by some of the world’s richest families. For those who haven’t heard of gemstone rollers or crystal rollers, let us explain a little.

Thera Crystals Clear Quartz Facial Roller from Canada


Beauty bloggers all over the world are using gemstone rollers to various degrees of success. Applying a gentle glide across one’s cheekbones, forehead, or temples has helped to smooth skin and keep it looking vibrant. Small, light, and conveniently portable, maybe you’ve spotted gemstone rollers in-store and have always wondered what it would be like to try one. Celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Madonna, and Demi Lovato use them regularly. Far from a vanity item, following your first session using one, you might notice your skin feeling cooler, smoother, and healthier.

How gemstone rollers work is simple. Looking at the tool itself, it resembles something of a small paint roller with the rolling pin part being a stone like jade or rose quartz. As the roller glides across your face, you’re mimicking a lymphatic massage. When this happens, the body releases chemicals and releases toxins that may have built up in certain areas of your facial structure. Anti-inflammation, cooling, and lymphatic drainage are all common effects.

When it comes to choosing the stone, it’s about more than just looks. Practitioners believe gemstones are infused with certain energies which are transferred when these stones come into contact with people. A healing stone or crystal selected should be something that draws out negative energies and helps to balance you. The energy pathways in our bodies are thought to occasionally experience a blockage or interference. As this occurs, it has negative consequences. Your physical or mental health may suffer. Thereby, the stone you choose should involve the sort of life balance you’re looking to achieve. Some of the other benefits of using a gemstone roller on your face is that it will help combat under-eye bags and dark circles, reduce puffiness in the face, increase circulation, and reduces stress.

Crystal Facial rollers from Canada


Try a gemstone roller and use it for facial rolling to see what we mean. The vast majority of experiences with gemstone rollers have reported the full collection of benefits we’ve mentioned. There’s a reason facial rolling has survived for years and years as a health and wellness trend. When done regularly, it works. That’s the bottom line! Shop your gemstone rollers and related accessories at today.

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