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Human beings need water to survive and yet, so many of us know very little about the power water contains. Water has a sizeable energy storage capacity. It can retail electromagnetic frequencies and can take in ingredients along the way of miles of pipe water needs to cross to arrive in our homes. There’s a lot that can affect the quality of water, which is why re-energizing water is important. Gemstone water uses gemstones to infuse certain energies into water. This is done by soaking water around gemstones in pitchers. The energetic vibrations of crystals enter the water and are stored in it. When you drink it, you receive the energy the gemstone have transferred over. As a branch of crystal healing, gemstone water has been used for everything from cultivating a romantic appetite to becoming more focused and free from mental troubles weighing a person down. One of the latest crazes on Instagram, and in health and wellness groups, are crystal elixir water bottles. These bottles have a crystal in its base. As you fill it with water, the water soaks as we mentioned and you drink it, and you receive the energies contained in the rock. From A-list celebrities to Instagram influencers, we’ve seen crystal water pop up in all sorts of places. As a homeopathic remedy to a range of different conditions, the therapy varies in effectiveness depending on what’s being done to transfer the energy. Crystal water bottles are built around traditional philosophies and scientific studies show that gemstones like quartz have an effect on water. It is believed water treated with crystals are revitalized with energies required to live a balanced life. Some of most common rocks used in crystal healing include amethyst which is used for alertness, justice, and inner release; fluorite which inspires clarity and awareness; and rose quartz which is used for love, empathy, sensuality, romance, and to encourage fertility in women. Crystal healing water prepared correctly and with the right collection of gemstones can help troubled individuals achieve a level of balance they are otherwise denied. There are more than 130 kinds of crystal waters used in the world for therapeutic purposes. Among the most effective and recommended are clear quartz, rose quartz, and black obsidian. If your life has been lacking stability, confidence, growth, or if you feel stuck, using crystal water healing might be just what you need to get you over the hump. For the best crystal elixir water bottles in Canada, visit The gemstone water you can derive from one of’s crystal water bottles in infused with all the right energies and minerals to give your body what it needs to feel good. Find your balance with gemstone water. All it takes is a click at!
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