Stay Tuned with Lierre’s 11th Anniversary Sale on Silicone Cupping up to 30% Off!

Canada’s own Lierre is having a massive 11th anniversary sale with deals ranging from acupuncture supplies to silicone cupping sets. Cutting down prices by 30% off, this is your chance to pick up some alternative medicine supplies or to experiment with treatments you’ve never attempted before.

To the latter, cupping therapy for some is an excellent way to cure pain and sore muscles, detoxifying the body of stagnancy and toxins, and inspiring circulation throughout the body. Silicone cupping therapy sets are more advantageous to use than bamboo, wood, glass, or alternative materials.

What does silicone cupping do?

What does silicone cupping do?

Normally, when a patient feels pain, we might recommend acupuncture or massage. Although these certainly have their place, cupping therapy is an equally effective – and for some patients, more effective – for pain relief and tight, sore muscles. For Lierre’s Anniversary Sale, silicone cupping sets are being marked down in price making them more affordable than ever for everyday Canadians and practitioners.

Cupping has been proven to loosen muscles, encourages blood flow, helps sedate the nervous system, assists with back pain and neck pain, stiff muscles, anxiety, fatigue, migraines, cellulite, and rheumatism. A lot of these are completely debilitating for some Canadians to live with. Families and for many people, July is all about barbecues, fireworks, and making memories. For people suffering from pain, anxiety, or migraines, it’s a lot to handle. The Lierre birthday sale is designed to appeal to these kinds of people, looking for relief and the opportunity to enjoy their July.

What are the benefits of cupping?

What are the benefits of cupping?

For patients who have turned to cupping therapy, a lot have found relief. Admittedly, it’s a different feeling the first time it’s tried. For some practitioners, they explain it as the feeling of an intense stretch. Cupping works by creating a vacuum, lifting the tissue and allowing stagnant blood to filter out while moving new circulation in. Applied on certain acupuncture points throughout the skin, the benefits can be substantial. A lot of practitioners tend to use glass which comes with its challenges. Alternatively, silicone is a material which can be easily applied and which is a favourite among many in the Canadian alternative therapy community.

Are you looking for silicone cupping supplies this summer 2019? Visit You won’t find a better price anywhere in Canada. Find the silicone cupping kits you need alongside any other alternative therapy supplies you need. Increased circulation, pain relief, improved movement and mobility, and the effects of a deep tissue massage with little effort employed. For those who haven’t tried it before, you’d be amazed at the effects a simple lifting of the skin, muscle, and fascia can have. Don’t forget. It all starts July 18 and goes for 1 week only!

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