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There’s nothing wrong with trying something new. If you’re chasing relaxation, pain relief, or everyday benefits to your health, the art of cupping might be a recommendation. For years, acupuncture was seen as traditional Chinese medicine that wasn’t worth the light of day. Today, acupuncture is provided at physiotherapy clinics and from chiropractors, and it’s covered under insurance plans far and wide. Silicone cupping is a similar technique that comes with its own laundry list of benefits. Cupping works like a massage but is sort of like an inverted version. Instead of applying pressure downwards to the muscle, silicone cupping applies suction to pull the skin, tissue, and muscles upward. Using silicone cups, they can be left in place or move around depending on the treatment method and experience level of the practitioner. They can be left on the body for anywhere from a few moments to up to fifteen minutes. Needless to say, cupping’s nothing new. It’s been used for thousands of years and has been successful at relieving pain, removing toxins, and enhancing circulation. Here are three quick reasons we recommend trying silicone cupping in Canada if you’re passionate about your health and healing.  

Celebrities are using it far and wide. Roughly a decade ago is when all the hoopla in North America surrounding silicone cupping made it a thing. How it happened was from Gwyneth Paltrow and similar celebrities coming forward, sharing their experience using it to relax. Today, it’s used by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, and Coldplay’s Chris Martin. If you take a look at the backs of these celebrities and others, you may be able to see the cupping marks yourself.  

Athletes are using silicone cupping. Chinese swimmer Wang Qun showed off her cupping marks at the 2008 Olympics. Since then, numerous athletes have jumped on board including those from tennis, baseball, and other sports. Athletes from all sports have come to silicone cupping treatment citing it as helping improve performance, reduce stiffness, address injuries, and help to protect an athlete’s body against ongoing wear-and-tear.  

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Cupping used as pain relief. Silicone cupping has worked wonders at providing relief to patients with flu, coughs, back pain, muscle pain, circulation trouble, anxiety, inflammation, allergies, fevers, and others. Different variations of cupping have been used by societies all over the world, including North American Aboriginals, the Greeks, in European countries, and more – all to treat health and as a clinical treatment. The only patients who are generally not recommended for cupping are those who bleed easily or who suffer from skin ulcers. If you’re pregnant, cupping should also be performed with extreme caution as well.


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