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Cupping and massage can both be used as a way to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Cupping is believed to release stagnant toxins in the body in traditional Chinese medicine, as well as to improve the immune system and to promote Qi circulation. Massage and cupping both temporarily increase blood circulation, giving the skin a radiant glow. We’ve combined medium sized medical graded silicone cups, an anti-cellulite massage roller and L’Herbier’s incredibly soothing Detox gel in this package to offer people who want to get rid of cellulite a multi-layered, versatile set of strategies. You can combine the gels and balms with either the massage roller or cups for a relaxing massage, or use any of these products alone, or even one after the other, depending on how thoroughly you want to treat your skin.


Silicone cups are used in traditional Chinese medicine treatments, in muscular trigger point therapy, for anti aging and anti-cellulite treatments and for massage modalities including – but not limited to – deep tissue massage. Though common in clinic settings, these cups are perfectly suited for individual use, even with minimal training; athletes and sports enthusiasts often place cups on the muscles targeted in their work outs as a part of their wind down ritual, thereby preventing tensions and aches; office workers will find them effective in preventing and relieving back pain; and people from all walks of life can enjoy their ability to rejuvenate the skin by both smoothing out its lines and lending it a health glow. Of course, silicone cupping’s applications aren’t limited to these uses!


Smooth out the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite Relieve muscular and articular tensions and pain Increase blood circulation, both during treatment and immediately after Uninhibit Qi flow and unblock stagnation Soothe anxiety, stress and fatigue, as well as many of their somatic symptoms such as insomnia and headache Accelerate lymphatic drainage Clear dead skin cells and other impurities


Make sure the surface area which you want to treat or massage is clean, and that your hands are clean as well. First, warm the Detox gel with your hands and slowly massage the treatment area. Then, use the roller to massage the skin, making sure that plenty of blood flows to the area. Reapply the gel if necessary. Press the silicone cup and gently place it on the body, adjusting the degree of suction as needed. Ideally, you should be comfortable, but your skin should be ever so gently lifted up. Begin gliding the cup from the bottom of the treatment zone upward, until the skin is warmed up. Then, glide in the same direction, but in a zigzag pattern. Finally, slide the suction cup from the bottom up using a spiral gesture. The treatment should last from 3 to 5 minutes per area. Once you are done, gently massage the skin to prevent soreness, then wash with warm water. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the cups and roller after every use.

Cleaning Instructions

As with any medical equipment or skin care products, properly cleaning the silicone cups and roller is essential, ensuring that the equipment will remain safe, hygienic and durable tools. For cupping massage, with oil: Thoroughly wipe the cups and roller, then clean with neutral (unscented) soap to get rid of the oil residue. Rinse with water. For use without oil: Use disinfectant or soapy water as described in above step. Quick cleaning: Keep mixture of 50%/50% water and disinfectant in spray bottle, and spray cups down after use. Wipe. Note: not all disinfectants will get rid of oil residue.


Do not use on fresh cuts, bruises, or other injuries, as well as on sunburns, deep scars, rashes, or otherwise irritated or damaged skin. Consult a practitioner if you are interested in traditional Chinese medicine treatments; do not attempt to practice on yourself without training. Cupping treatments, especially stationary cupping, are prone to leaving marks resembling circular bruises. These marks are harmless, should not hurt, and typically will fade after 2-3 days.
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