soft silicone cupping therapy

Our innovative new Jade Soft silicone cups are quite simply the perfect cups: they’re the easiest, most flexible model to use, and they’re far more durable than rubber cups. This softer silicone means that the cups will adapt to every contour of your body – making it much easier to work on areas such as the neck – because their mouths are pliable enough to practically kiss your skin. It also means that it’s harder for them to fall off! 

jade soft set of cups

As opposed to rivalling rubber cups, silicone cups also feel smoother and far more comfortable. With time, the silicone will actually get more comfortable and flexible with time; with rubber cups, the material will start to flake and become dryer and more brittle with long term use. Because silicone tends to stay smooth, it also attracts less germs, which will tend to nestle in cracks in rubber. This silicone cupping set is also transparent, making these cups safer than opaque ones. This transparency allows you to monitor the appearance of the skin, and therefore to remove cups immediately if the skin starts to look inflamed.      


  • easier to manipulate
  • still silicone: much more durable than rubber
  • very adaptable: they practically kiss your skin

Massage therapists will find exactly what they need from our wide selection of silicone cupping sets. Silicone cups are pliable, portable, and virtually unbreakable. The flexible nature of silicone means that these cups are softer and can be moved easily, creating a more massage-like experience than traditional glass cups. Therapists are also able to adjust the level of suction by simply squeezing the cup. Transparent silicone also allows practitioners to easily monitor the client’s skin.

Silicone cupping sets can be paired with balms and massage creams to create a more relaxing experience for your clients and this combination has been known to effectively treat cellulite.

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