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Chronic pain is no fun, affecting every aspect of a person’s life from personal to professional. Typically, going to a doctor for chronic pain in Canada, you may not be taken seriously or someone might prescribe a pharmaceutical to mask the symptoms without addressing the underlying cause.

Cupping therapy is an alternative treatment that has worked for others in relieving their chronic pain. It is natural, has no risk, and provides the pain relief that so many Canadians are chasing. Cupping’s built around ancient Chinese medicine, as a technique which applies cups to the body, suctions the tissue upwards akin to a reverse massage, and then, allows stagnant blood to filter out while fresh blood rushes in, replenishing an area in healing potential.

How does cupping relieve pain?

Cupping’s grown in popularity for many reasons. It’s been used by gold-medal Olympic athletes, Instagram influencers, and Hollywood celebrities. It keeps them feeling great, keeps their bodies healthy, and helps to increase the body’s immune system. For someone suffering from chronic pain, there are different cupping techniques that can be used to help relieve pain. Cups are generally placed in the problem area strategically and left still for up to ten minutes – nothing more, nothing less. Through regular cupping sessions, some Canadians have brought their pain levels down from an ‘8’ to a ‘2’.

Cupping therapy has been used to treat everything from upper and lower back pain to chronic back pain, headaches, and skin conditions. Regarding those suffering from chronic pain, Canadians generally know the pain can affect flexibility and range-of-motion. Cupping helps with these limitations as well.

How effective is cupping?

Also, if you’ve ever been on any pharmaceutical medication, you know these can conflict with other medications and there are always side effects. Cupping doesn’t have none. It’s risk-free for almost all Canadians although if you’re on blood thinners, have a bleeding disorder, or are pregnant, cupping is not recommended. To some, buying a silicone cupping set and getting involved in cupping is going to seem pretty odd. The purple cupping marks left over are even stranger. Nevertheless, after you try a few sessions, take note of your pain. Has it improved – for many, it will.

For Canadians who are facing debilitating migraines, headaches, Crone’s Disease, fibromyalgia, or similar pain-related conditions, this is something to try. Cupping can ease out knots in your muscles, relieve intense pain along the spine, and help remove the tension which so often sinks into our muscles. The benefits will have you feeling so much better in almost no time.

Cupping’s got a lot of people talking. See why so many are swearing by this new alternative treatment for pain relief and muscle recovery. Purchase silicone cupping sets, cupping accessories, and more from

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