Is Cupping Good for Weight Loss?
Cupping Therapy Detoxification is a form of therapy that releases the free movement of the qi on a body by stimulating acupressure points. There are different sizes of cups from 20 to 30 mm that target the torso, arms and legs. As we all know, the more the body ages, the slower the metabolism becomes. Specifically, after 25, the body loses 2 important fat burning tissues; brown fat and muscle. Therefore, it becomes difficult to lose fat just by exercising normally. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, if you are having a hard time to lose weight, it is believed that it is caused by a stagnant qi or vital life energy. When the flow is restricted, that means that the qi has difficulty taking food and distributing it throughout the body. Therefore, cupping helps to remove the stagnation and to free the circulation of your qi. Can we see Immediate Results after Cupping? Like any regimen, it takes a little bit of time before seeing the results. However, in order for the cupping therapy to be successful, patients need to have a healthy diet such as consuming enough vegetables and protein on a daily basis, drink enough water and to avoid sugary foods to maintain weight loss on the long-term. Additionally, therapists will have more than one session of cupping therapy with the patient in order to see the results. Are There Other Results from Cupping Besides Weight Loss? If the cupping therapy is performed correctly on the patient, then it can eliminate water retention, decrease stress and anxiety, remove toxins from the body, quicken the digestive system, improve metabolism and bowel systems and reduce food cravings. When all of these results are combined, this can lead to weight loss. Types of Cupping Treatments
  • Traditional Fire cupping: This practice involves a flame or any hot object being inserted into the cup before it reaches the patient’s body.
  • Silicone Massage Cupping: This is the most common therapy among therapists because not only they are easy to glide on the skin but they do not require the use of a flame. It is known to perform a relaxing form of massage. It can be done by yourself at home since you don't need to use fire or any other tools, just buy a silicone cupping set and you could  do self-massage at home.
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