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Nowadays, more and more office workers are suffering from issues with muscle tension and discomfort in necks, shoulders, upper backs. Are you looking for a easy way to relieve these issues?

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Silicone cupping set is a development of traditional cupping like glass cups, and is made of food grade silicone. Silicone cups can be used as a tool of traditional Chinese medicine through creating vacuum, leaving on skin and stimulating blood circulation. Normally, a silicone cupping set consists of several cups with different qualifications. They are unbreakable, portable, pliable, odorless and waterproof. Unlike traditional Chinese medicine cups which need pumps or fire, silicone cups work by compression. So, it can be easily used at home and all you need to do is squeezing out air from the cups and placing them onto your skin, then sliding them along the skin to stimulate tissue and blood circulation. The cups will then pull your skin up into the cups. Actually, silicone cupping massage is sort of deep tissue massage. After glide cupping,you feel muscle relaxation and pain relief. Silicone cupping sets are becoming increasing popular because it is really easy to use wherever at home, at office even at your travels. Also, You can control the intense based on your own preference by squeezing cups. If you want it to be lighter, you need to squeeze the cups gently, otherwise, squeezing cups more firmly.   Silicone cuppings are also popular in the beauty industry. They can be used for treatments such as face lifting, relieving varicose veins, reducing cellulite, activating the skin and clearing stretch marks.  


  • Silicone cups are light compared to those glass cups, so it’s easy to carry.
  • Compared with traditional fire cups, silicone cups are super elastic and this is also the reason why they can work well in those difficult curved areas of the body, such as ankles, knees and wrists.
  • Besides, silicone cups are very easy to clean and store so a set of silicone cups can be used for a long time.
  • Never broken
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