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Cupping sets are the latest health and wellness trend, seen on Instagram, across social media, and used by everyone from Olympic athletes to Hollywood celebrities. Cupping builds from traditional Chinese medicine as well as principles of alternative medicine and integrative medicine. Although cupping might seem quite bizarre to some, the way it’s provided benefit to some has shown there may be something to the popular treatment.

For those that may not know what cupping is, some have called it a reverse massage. Similar to how a massage therapist presses down to relax your muscles, cupping sets will suction tissue upwards. As this happens, it eliminates stagnant blood, and then causes circulation to rush in among other things it can do. Athletes use it on their backs to relax these muscles and to boost sport performance. There are others who use it on their face and neck as a form of massage or relaxation here.

In mainstream society, cupping is probably best known for the purple marks they can leave behind. Please note that although some see purple suction marks on their backs or bodies following a treatment, it’s not every time nor every person. Also, these suction marks tend to disappear rather quickly on the body. Cupping in Ontario may not be as popular as other treatments like acupuncture however it is catching on. If you’re looking for cupping sets in the province, you can thankfully find them at

Although cupping can happen with glass cups, the most effective and efficient cupping set in Ontario is made from silicone. Silicone is reusable, can easily and comfortably be applied to the skin, and comes in a variety of cupping sizes and models. The clear silicone cupping treatment sets are meant to address things like muscle and joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder tension, and stress. Patients who use cupping regularly see benefits including promoting blood circulation, removing wrinkles, and maintaining overall wellness. Safe, hygienic, and high quality medical grade silicone cups are just a click away.

Did you know more than 30 percent of Canadians have tried an alternative or integrative medicine or treatment like cupping – it’s true. Cupping’s been used in the Middle East, China, Egypt, and elsewhere, with historic use dating back to 1500 BC. Instead of using glass, ceramic, bamboo, or some other material to do your cupping, buy and order cupping sets in Ontario manufactured from silicone at The negative pressure applied on the body will increase oxygenation of the muscles, improve muscle pain and recovery, and ultimately provide a user with relaxation. is a Canadian-based health and wellness brand specializing in products like silicone cupping sets, acupuncture needles, fitness accessories, and more.

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