Why Does Cupping Treatment Leave Bruises? Is That Safe?

Why Does Cupping Treatment Leave Bruises? Is That Safe?

Cupping is a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which has been practiced for thousands of years. As cupping therapy becomes one of the most popular alternative therapies, people found that they always have bruises after one cupping session. The questions are raised now: why do I have bruises after cupping? Are cupping bruises safe?

What is cupping therapy?

Before knowing more about cupping bruises, you need to know what is cupping. Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine. The basic theory of cupping is simple: create a negative pressure inside the cups, place the cups on the patient's skin for a period of time, and the cups will "suck" the skin up. 

Why does cupping therapy leave bruises?

As we mentioned before, cupping works by essentially using suction cups to lift tissue. As the tissue’s lifted, small blood vessels to burst, leading to the distinctive circular bruises. It’s this which created the bruises that are left afterwards. 

Are cupping bruises safe?

A lot of people have had different sorts of bruises, some very light and others purple-esque dark. However, cupping bruises are unique and a little different from the bruises you had before: they are normal and safe. The red circular marks left behind by the cups are actually not bruises: bruises are caused by impact trauma that breaks capillaries in the injured area whereas there is no compression or impact trauma when cupping is done correctly. Therefore, cupping bruises are safe and present no danger. 

Additionally, dark cupping marks won’t necessarily appear on everyone. It varies depending on how easily a person get bruises. Some cupping bruises will remain for a couple days while some could last potentially a week or two. If you find yourself with bruises, don’t panic because they will fade. 

What do cupping marks mean on the body?

The marks left behind are from dead, static blood, cellular debris, and toxins, and is sometimes influenced by the lymphatic system and certain pathogenic factors. Cupping marks are a sign that stagnating or unhealthy blood has moved to the surface, away from the deep tissue layers. It’s in fact a positive! They’re simply surface discolorations – not damage. In other words, if you receive bruises, it’s an evidence that the cupping therapy is getting the job done.

What are the benefits of cupping therapy?

There are numerous benefits of cupping therapy, it can help conditions like respiratory disorders, paralysis, digestion issues, anxiety and depression, high blood pressure, cellulite, fertility issues, arthritis, fibromyalgia, diabetes, shingles, insomnia, and gout.

In conclusion, cupping bruises are not typical bruises since they cause no impact trauma. They are harmless, normal and safe. Moreover, they are signs of a successful cupping session. People do not need to worry about bruises after cupping because they will fade within couple of days. 


If you want to try cupping therapy, you can find a therapist or practitioner and book an appointment for cupping sessions. However, if you are interested in doing cupping yourself at home, do not hesitate to visit Lierre.ca! We offer wide range of professional cupping sets for you to choose. 

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