Silicone Cupping Sets

Cupping therapy post-workout, used by athletes, and as a form of pain management therapy has gained national attention in Canada as well as all over the world. Cupping is a practice involving the suction of tissue upwards, allowing stagnation to dissipate and circulation to immediately increase to the area resulting in healing and nutrients flooding in.

This July, Canada’s own Lierre Anniversary Sale will have silicone cupping sets for alternative therapy clinics and at-home use on significant discount. Up to 30% off select cupping sets will make it more affordable than ever to pick one up for yourself. Made from silicone, they’re far more convenient than wood, bamboo, or glass cups resulting in safer, easier, and arguably more effective treatments.

What does silicone cupping do?

 Although cupping might seem scary to some but its’ effects are very real and worth the slight discomfort felt as the treatment gets underway. Everyone from Instagram influencers to Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is using it. The suction of cupping allows stagnant blood to move out and an increase in blood circulation bringing in new nutrients coming in. There is a lot of relief to be found with cupping in Canada, with many Canadians using it as a pain management strategy and to help muscles heal.

If you haven’t tried cupping therapy yourself, maybe you’ve seen athletes or celebrities appear on the red carpet with round purple marks looking similar to bruises. Those are actually cupping marks. They form when the suction is strong and there is high toxicity in this part of the body. Cupping may not be as popular as other alternative therapies in Western mainstream circles however it’s catching on similar to what happened with acupuncture decades ago.

Why do athletes have cupping?

With your own silicone cupping set, you can use it whenever you wish and wherever. The vacuuming will loosen tight muscles and get fluid moving through this part of the body. The 5 reasons why Canadians go to cupping therapy is because of pain and inflammation relief, relaxation, for tight and healthy skin, to improve circulation and increase cell growth, and for massage-esque benefits.

What does silicone cupping do?

There are many conditions that either have been studied or which are currently being studied in relation to how cupping affects it. The evidence varies. For example, some have found it helps them with headaches although there’s not sufficient evidence to support this for most patients. Alternatively, for lower back pain, silicone cupping has been shown to be extremely effective in relieving the aches and inflammation that come with this condition. The exact benefits vary person to person.

This summer’s a great time to get set up with your own silicone cupping set and to begin seeing the benefits yourself. Shop with Lierre on July 18 and celebrate our Anniversary Sale with the thousands of other Canadians who will be visiting our site!


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