We all heard of the story about Michael Phelps swimming photos during the Olympic game several years ago, where photo went viral because of his cupping bruises on his back, lots of people were commenting the legitimacy whether cupping therapy will cure sport common injuries. Today, the application of cupping and gua sha therapies have been become more and more trendy, people in North America are more accepting this type of therapy as treatment for sport injuries.

How to pick a good cupping set online in Canada
How to pick a good cupping set online in Canada

What is cupping therapy actually?

There is nothing new about cupping therapy since this type of therapy has been used for over thousand years, it was originally used plastic cupping set as a tool to alleviate musculoskeletal conditions. In Traditional Chinese Medicine ( as known as TCM) studies, cupping can facilitate the flow of Qi that trapped inside your body, so basically how cupping works is by pressuring the airflow out from your body, as a result, the cupping will release the stagnant blood and set the inner blockage free, this practice, will also enhance the overall body blood circulation and brings more oxygen, and nutrients to the muscle, which plays an important factor for muscle healing and detoxing.

As we all know cupping therapy is getting more and more popular , well known online brands like Lure, Hansol as well as KangZhu all have their qualities and advantages. Generally, there is no strictly rules what types of cupping that you should use, but personally if you do not have experience dealing TCM before and you are looking for a simple or economical option, I will highly suggest you to use the “silicone cupping”, it’s cheap, portable and at the same time accessible everywhere on internet with different prices so you can compare all the brands yourself to find the one that suits you.

The benefit of choosing the silicone cupping can be varied, one of the main reason is due to its cheaper cost since the material is made by silicone instead of glasses, so you will avoid the chance of breaking. One of the thing that you should watch out is what type of silicone material that it uses, it is important to know that silicone has many different levels, you will have to choose the one with medical levels, an example will be the same level for the “baby feeding bottles”, it is extremely important to use the right type of silicone because a bad quality silicone will only mean plastic residue or chemicals to the person who in touch with, you do not want everything like that, a bad quality silicone cupping will cause troubles such as skin allergies, irritation or more, it is very important not to trust the cheap products that you found online, always make sure you understand their ingredient table before you made the purchases.

Jade soft cupping set Canada
Jade soft cupping set Canada
Jade soft cupping set Canada
Jade soft cupping set Canada
Comparison Jade Soft ® Other Brands
Quality Medical grade silicone Questionable in quality control, some companies do not even have their product examined during production phases
Price Average per unit $5.5 for 10 cups Average market prices are around $7 (without shipping fee)
Advantages 1) The Softest material with maximum durability material you can find in the market
2) Easy grips and can be used on any part of the body
It’s transparent, lightweight
It’s portable and easy to use
Brands Jade Soft is a registered Canadian brand with guaranteed product quality Mostly are unbranded products.
Company -Fast / Free Shipping on all order $69 in Canada
-Always come with full stock available
-Excellent customer before / after services
Lots of companies sell in big platforms, they will be a lot of choices, however, their qualities are varied and it’s hard to select good seller
After-Sale Service -We have in-house TCM professional dedicated to help customer choose their products
-A cleared instruction materials will be offered in the package to guide you how to do cupping properly.
No after-sale advantages since they are lack of professional TCM experts

As we mentioned from the above tables, one of the best thing about Jade Soft silicone cupping is by its softness, you might not understand why is softness important, but believe me, it will be very handy if you have a softer cupping rather than the hard one, you can use that for gliding without hurting your muscles. The second good thing about its softness is by the hand energy conservation, because you do not require to put lots of strength anymore when you are doing the suctions, you will just need to place the cupping on the desired areas and gently push it and then the cupping will sanction itself easily, because the material is softer, you do not need to require to use of extra force to handle your cupping.

Jade soft cuppingSilicone cuppingSilicone cupping set

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